‘Tis the season of bomb cyclones and snowmageddon and the snowpocalypse. With all of this snow coming, it’s no wonder you’re cold in bed at night. But you don’t have to stay that way!

Whether you need a quick warm up or you’re always cold, here are some ideas to keep you warm all night long.

Block the Drafts

If your room seems colder than it should be, start by checking your windows and doors for drafts. If the draft is bad enough, you may actually be able to feel cold air flowing into your room. Even if you can’t feel the draft, though, it is worthwhile to try plugging it up. Use a draft stopper along the bottom of any doors and the seams of windows, just to make sure you’re not letting cold air in.

Move Your Body

You don’t have to do a full workout right before you to go bed. Just moving your body into some simple stretches, calisthenics, or yoga poses can help get your blood flowing. This will help you feel warmer, and you should be able to hold onto this warmth as you get in bed and work toward falling asleep.

Take a Hot Bath

When you sit in warm water, your body temperature rises. If you do this right before you go to bed, you’ll be warmer as you’re falling to sleep. In fact, you may not even notice how chilly it is outside because you’ll be so toasty warm in your bed. Don’t have a bathtub or don’t like baths? A hot shower can have the same effect.

Try a Hot Drink

If you’ve bathed already or you’re not a nighttime bather, make yourself a warm beverage, instead. Drinking hot coffee, tea, or cocoa (or even warm milk!) right before you hop in bed will help you stay warm as you transition from waking to sleeping.

Add Some Blankets

If you can’t get warm in bed, adding another blanket may be your ticket to warmth. Your blankets don’t necessarily need to be heavy. Simply add them one by one, in layers, until you achieve your ideal temperature. Even light blankets add insulation to your bed. Layering your bedding also permits you to remove layers as necessary, if you get warm in the night.

Add an Electric Blanket

If you’re out of blankets or you’ve used every blanket in your house but you’re still cold, consider adding an electric blanket to your bed. These use electricity to generate heat, so you don’t have to deal with the weight or awkwardness of using lots of blankets.

Sunbeam’s luxurious velvet electric blanket will not only keep you warm, but it will look good on your bed, too. It has a preheat setting, so you can get your bed warm before you hop in and, once it learns how warm you like your bed, will auto-adjust during the night so you don’t end up too hot or too cold.

The fleece version is extra soft, machine washable, and comes in your choice of colors. You can choose from 10 temperature settings, and the blanket will work all night to maintain that temperature.

Try a Heated Mattress Pad

If you’re not a fan of blankets in general or heated ones specifically, you can still use electricity to stay warm in bed. Instead of regulating your temperature by what you pull over you, try regulating it from underneath, with a heated mattress pad.

The ChiliPad Cube is a top-of-the-line mattress pad that will heat or cool, as you desire. Simply choose a temperature between 55 and 100 degrees, and it will maintain it. The best part is that you can have different temperatures on different sides of the bed, so your partner can rest well, too.

If you don’t need that much technology, Sunbeam offers a heated mattress pad, too. It is soft and offers dual controllers, so your bed partner can choose his or her own heating level.  

Use a Heated Water Bottle

Not interested in using electric means to stay warm? Go the old-fashioned route with a hot water bottle. Simply fill the rubber bottle with hot water, make sure the plug is in tight, and place the bottle in your bed before you climb in. It should keep you toasty! Some people like to put them at the foot of the bed, where they can warm their toes on them all night long.

Being cold in bed is miserable! Using these strategies, you shouldn’t have to suffer anymore. Determine what works best for you and for your sleep situation, and your bed should stay warm all winter long.

by: Sarah Winfrey