Past Winners of the BestMattressReviews Sleep Scholarship

2017-18 academic year:

Gimelyn Yray – attending William Patterson University

Gimelyn Yray Headshot
Gimelyn created a wonderfully filmed and thoughtful entry and we wish her the best of luck with her studies! Learn a bit more about Gimelyn below and watch her video submission.

Bio: From the first day of school in my elementary years to my final year at high school, I have always been a creator. I loved to entertain and inform. If there was a project to be done, I would stay up and continuously work hard until it was “perfected.” Ironically, in researching for this project, staying up late brought the attention to how my routine affected my body and my ambitions. My goals shifted along with my enthusiasm, and the enforced questioned of “What should I be when I grow up?” at the start of senior year didn’t help. The money. The loans. The stress. With the access to scholarships, I am able to set my path to a successful career and afford it.