Sleep On Latex was founded in 2013 and shortly thereafter started selling the Pure Green latex mattress.

Some of the key strengths of the Sleep On Latex mattress include:

  • Height and firmness options: SleepOnLatex offers mattresses in two different heights (7” and 9”) and at three different firmness levels. This lets each customer select the mattress to best fit their needs.
  • Solid latex layers: many mattresses that are sold online with latex foams include only a thin latex layer. The Sleep On Latex, on the other hand, is made with large blocks of high-quality latex.

Potential drawbacks for the Sleep On Latex mattress include:

  • Undisclosed density specifications: while the company lists the ILD for their mattress topper that they sell independent of their mattress, they do not include the density of the latex used in their mattress. This limits the ability to comparison shop and to try to assess the likely durability of the mattress.
  • Heavy mattresses: one downside of latex mattresses is that they can be very heavy, which may pose a challenge both for setup or if you need to move the mattress.


Sleep On Latex Pure Green Mattress Pricing

Sleep on Latex sells a 7” mattress and a 9” mattress. Each model is available in 3 different firmness options and 7 different sizes. Pricing for each model by size and firmness is listed in the tables below.

Mattress Size 7″ Soft 7″ Medium 7″ Firm
Twin $649 $679 $719
Twin Xl $649 $679 $719
Full $899 $969 $1,029
Full XL $899 $969 $1,029
Queen $899 $969 $1,029
King $1,149 $1,299 $1,349
California King $1,149 $1,299 $1,349
Mattress Size 9″ Soft 9″ Medium 9″ Firm
Twin $749 $799 $849
Twin Xl $749 $799 $849
Full $999 $1,049 $1,099
Full XL $999 $1,099 $1,199
Queen $999 $1,099 $1,199
King $1,499 $1,549 $1,699
California King $1,499 $1,549 $1,699


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About the Sleep On Latex Pure Green Mattress

Sleep On Latex Mattress Specifications

The design of the Sleep on Latex mattresses is very straightforward for both the 7” and the 9” models.

For the 7” model, the top layer is a 1” wool cover on top of a bottom layer of 6” of Dunlop latex.

For the 9” model, the top layer is a 1” wool cover, the second layer is a 2” layer of a softer Dunlop latex, and the bottom is 6” of Dunlop latex.

In general, Dunlop latex has slightly less bounce than Talalay latex, which is used in many latex mattresses or latex hybrids.

The company does not list the specifications for the latex foam layers, in particular the density or ILD. We typically look for manufacturers to list this information because it facilitates comparison shopping and because it helps to better evaluate the overall construction and likely durability of the mattress.

Sleep on Latex cutaway

Where It’s Made

Sleep On Latex’s mattresses are manufactured in the USA.

Buying Logistics

Where to Buy

The Sleep on Latex Pure Green mattress is available online directly from the company and through Amazon.

Sleep Trial / Refunds

Sleep on Latex offers a 100 night sleep trial. During this trial period, you can return the mattress for a full refund. If you choose to initiate a return, the company will send someone to pick up your mattress at no cost to you.

Please be aware that mattresses purchased through a third party, such as Amazon, may have a different set of terms and conditions for return timeframe and process. It is important to check with Amazon and/or Sleep on Latex before purchasing.


All Sleep on Latex mattresses are delivered at no charge in the contiguous United States. Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada is available for an extra charge. Mattresses arrive within 10 business days after they are orders.

No installation or haul-away of your old mattress is offered as part of the delivery of the Sleep on Latex mattress. Instead, the mattress is compressed into plastic packaging and placed in a box that is delivered to your front door. Once you remove the mattress from the packaging, it expands to reach its full size and can be slept on immediately. It is important to note that latex mattresses are often heavy, and many Sleep on Latex mattresses will require 2 or more people to move the box and position the mattress.

Sleep on Latex box


Sleep on Latex offers a 10-year warranty. During this warranty period, the company will repair or replace a mattress with a defect in materials or manufacturing. Any transportation costs association with a warranty claim are the responsibility of the purchaser. You can find the full warranty details at

Customer Service

Sleep on Latex is still a relatively young company, but so far, they have cultivated a strong reputation for customer service. They have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Mattress Performance

Both of the Sleep on Latex models are built — with the exception of the wool cover — entirely of high-quality latex. This type of construction is well-regarded for providing a supportive, comfortable, and durable sleep surface.


Dunlop latex, which is the type of latex employed by Sleep on Latex, has a slightly firmer feel than Talalay latex and typically has less bounce. At the same time, the latex is responsive to pressure and weight, which allows the mattress to adjust to fit the body’s main pressure points. The end result is a mattress that for most sleepers provides a high level of support.


The Pure Green mattress from Sleep on Latex has not been on the market for long enough to know if it will hold up well over a timeframe of 5 or 10 years; however, early indications are that this mattress material is high-quality and is likely to perform well for many years.


Both the 7” and 9” Pure Green mattress models are available in three firmness options: Soft, Medium, and Firm. On the typical firmness scale, the Soft is a 4-5, the Medium is a 6-7, and the Firm is around an 8.

Motion Transfer

Because even Dunlop latex has more bounce than traditional memory foam, it usually has more motion transfer than traditional memory foam. Nevertheless, this is not significant enough to disrupt most sleepers.


As with most compressed mattresses, you can expect some new mattress smell once you have unboxed your Pure Green mattress. Any smell is not harmful and should go away within a few hours or at most a few days.

Sleeping Hot

The substantial resiliency of latex prevents the type of deep sinking into the mattress that often causes excess heat retention. As a result, you should not expect to sleep hot on the Sleep On Latex mattress.


Latex is widely regarded as one of the best mattress types for sex because of its springiness. This is a strong option to consider for people who want a mattress that facilitates sexual activity.

Sleep on Latex 2

Mattress Comparison

The table below provides a comparison of some mattresses with similarities to the Sleep On Latex in terms of construction and feel.

Brand Mattress Type Support Layer Comfort Layer Price (Queen) Where to Buy
Sleep on Latex Latex Latex Latex Varies Online (direct), Amazon
Spindle Latex Latex Latex $1,349.99 Online (direct), Amazon
Zenhaven Latex Latex Latex $1,899 Online
Brentwood Home Latex Foam Latex Varies Online (direct), Costco, Amazon
PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Latex Latex Latex Varies Online only
Leesa Foam Foam Avena Foam $940 Online + 1 showroom
GhostBed Latex Hybrid Foam Memory Foam + Latex $795 Online only


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by: Eric Seger