The Sleep Number mattresses are a well-known line of air mattresses. While each mattress model has unique features, all of them include the company’s dual-chamber adjustable support layer.

Some of the key strengths of the Sleep Number mattresses include:

  • Adjustable firmness: because the amount of air in the mattress can be easily increased or decreased, the Sleep Number mattresses offer substantially more flexibility in terms of firmness than other types of mattresses.
  • Extensive line of mattress options: with more than 8 mattresses available, customers can select from many choices with different features

Potential drawbacks for the Sleep Number memory foam mattresses include:

  • No free sleep trial: while the company offers 100 nights to test out their mattresses, shipping costs, including for the return, are not refundable.
  • High cost: the Sleep Number mattresses have hefty price tags relative to many of the other mattresses available on the market, especially from online, direct-to-consumer mattress companies.

Recently, Sleep Number has launched a separate mattress product, the it Bed. Click here to read our review of that mattress.

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Sleep Number Mattress Pricing

Pricing for the Sleep Number line of mattresses varies significantly based on the model and the size. The table below gives the range of prices for each model.

Mattress Model Price Range
(varies by size, typical range twin to flextop cal king)
c2 $499 – $1,499
c4 $1,099 – $2,099
p5 $1,099 – $2,599
p6 $1,749 – $3,199
i8 $2,199 – $3,999
iLE $4,149 – $5,999
i7 $2,899 – $3,999
i10 $4,599 – $5,299

Sleep Number offers some mattresses sizes and options that are not usually offered by other companies. For example, the Split King or Split California King mattresses are designed to be adjustable independently at both the head and foot of the mattress. The FlexTop King or FlexTop California King mattresses are divided only at the head. As a result, these sizes allow the head of the bed on either side to move independently, but the foot of the bed moves together.

It is also important to be aware that prices and availability for these products are subject to change.


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About the Sleep Number Mattresses

Sleep Number Mattresses Specifications

Sleep Number is currently offering 8 different mattresses (and the it Bed) through their website. These fall into four general categories: Classic, Performance, Innovation, and Sleep 360. Some of the features offered in the Sleep Number mattresses include:

  • Dual adjustable air chambers: the backbone of the Sleep Number mattresses. Each side of the mattress can be adjusted to a specific “Sleep Number” by increasing or decreasing the amount of air in the chamber.
  • Foam comfort layer: some models have a foam comfort layer on top of the air chambers. One model uses memory foam, but the others use different types of more plush foam toppers.
  • Temperature regulating materials: Sleep Number does not provide much detail about the nature of these materials, but some models are advertised as including more breathable or cooling materials to prevent sleeping hot.
  • SleepIQ system: the SleepIQ system uses sensors in the mattress to track your movement, heart rate, and other indicators of your sleep quality. This data can be accessed through a mobile app and integrated with data from fitness trackers and other sensor-based technology. The SleepIQ system comes with some mattresses and is an optional add-on for others.
  • Sleep 360 system: this system uses data from your movements to proactively adjust the mattress through the night.

The key features of each mattress model are described in the table below.

Mattress Model Specifications
c2 Dual adjustable air chambers
c4 Dual adjustable air chambers
1.5” foam comfort layer
p5 Dual adjustable air chambers
2” plush foam comfort layer
p6 Dual adjustable air chambers
3” plush foam comfort layer
i8 Dual adjustable air chambers
3” plush foam comfort layer
Temperature regulating materials
SleepIQ system
iLE Dual adjustable air chambers
3” foam comfort layer
Temperature regulating materials
SleepIQ system
i7 Dual adjustable air chambers
5” gel-infused memory foam comfort layer
Temperature regulating materials
SleepIQ system
Sleep 360 system
i10 Dual adjustable air chambers
7” foam comfort layer
Temperature regulating materials
SleepIQ system
Sleep 360 system

Sleep Number does not disclose some aspects of their mattress specifications such as the density of the foams that are used in their comfort layers. They also do not provide detailed information about their temperature regulating materials. Without this information, it is harder to definitively evaluate the quality and durability of these mattresses.

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Where It’s Made

Sleep Number mattresses are made in the USA.

Buying Logistics

Where to Buy

Sleep Number mattresses are sold online through the company’s website and in Sleep Number stores.

Sleep Trial / Refunds

Sleep Number offers a 100 night sleep trial. During this period, you can return the mattress if you are unsatisfied. While the price of the mattress is refunded in the case of a return, the customer is responsible for the original delivery and return shipping fees.


Sleep Number does not offer free home delivery. For delivery of the mattress without any setup or installation, the cost is $89.99. Home delivery including setup and installation is $179.99. Some bed types, such as mattresses purchased with a FlexFit adjustable base, require home delivery with setup.


Sleep Number offers a 25-year warranty with each of these mattresses. During the first two years of the warranty, the company will repair or replace any mattress with defects in materials or manufacturing at no cost to the customer. For the last 23 years, the warranty is prorated. The SleepIQ system and components are only warrantied for the first two years. Full warranty details are available at

Customer Service

Like many other major mattress sellers, Sleep Number (and its parent company, Select Comfort Corp.) has a mixed reputation for customer service. While the company appears to work to support customers, there have also been many complaints lodged about the company. Select Comfort has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

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Mattress Performance

The driving feature of the Sleep Number mattresses is the adjustable air chambers. Overall, these mattresses have a strong reputation for providing comfort and support.


Because each mattress can be adjusted in real time, the Sleep Number beds offer a high level of support. This is true especially for couples who may have different firmness and support preferences as they can each select their own individual sleep number. The experience of indepdnent reviewers and verified customer reviews both point to a track record of support.


The Sleep Number mattresses have an average track record of durability. However, unlike other mattresses, there are more components — such as the electronics — that can potentially malfunction and affect the bed’s performance. Some customers have reported issues with leaks from the air chambers.


With the two chambers that can be inflated or deflated with the push of a button, the Sleep Number mattresses have more firmness options than any other mattress type on the market. Customers who prefer a slightly more plush overall feel can choose one of the options with a foam comfort layer.

Motion Transfer

Most of the Sleep Number mattresses do not have a highly responsive comfort layer. Only one of the options has a memory foam comfort layer, and memory foam has the strongest reputation for motion isolation. As a result, more motion is transferred on an airbed than on most all-foam, latex, or hybrid mattresses. Despite this, the adjustability of the Sleep Number bed can help to reduce unwanted motion transfer.

While not transfer of motion itself, some customers do report disruption from noise of the chambers inflating or deflating. This noise transfer may be a consideration for people who know they are very sensitive to sounds while sleeping.


Because the Sleep Number mattresses are delivered fully inflated and are not compressed, they do not have any significant reported issues with offgassing.

Sleeping Hot

Most customers do not have problems with sleeping hot on the Sleep Number mattresses. An exception may be with the i7, which has memory foam as its comfort layer, which can cause excess heat buildup when the mattress closely conforms to the body.


The rapid adjustability of the Sleep Number mattress allows it to be inflated to a level that does not interfere with sexual activity.

Mattress Comparison

Sleep Number is the predominant company in the mattress industry selling airbeds. The following table shows how the Sleep Number compares to some other popular mattresses on the market.

Brand Mattress Type Support Layer Comfort Layer Price (Queen) Where to Buy
Sleep Number Airbed Air chamber Varies Varies Online (direct), retail stores
it Bed by Sleep Number Airbed Air chamber Memory Foam $1,099 Online (direct)
Novosbed Foam Foam Memory Foam $1,099 Online (direct), Amazon
Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Cloud Foam Memory Foam Varies Online (direct), many retailers
Sleep Science Foam Foam Memory Foam Varies Costco (including online)
Leesa Foam Foam Avena Foam $940 Online + 1 showroom

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by: Eric Seger