The Sleep Innovations line of mattresses is manufactured by Innocor, a company that produces several different mattress brands. Innocor also produces the Novaform mattress line that is sold exclusively through Costco.

Some of the key strengths of the Sleep Innovations mattresses include

  • Numerous options available: Sleep Innovations offers several different mattresses with varying compositions, heights, firmness, and pricing. This allows sleepers to identify the mattress that best fits their needs.
  • Great budget options: the Sleep Innovations mattresses don’t have a lot of bells and whistles, but they do have some of the most affordable prices in the industry. For budget shoppers who want to sleep on memory foam, Sleep Innovations is an excellent option.

Potential drawbacks for the Sleep Innovations mattresses include

  • Limited sleep trial: Sleep Innovations does not offer any sleep trial; all returns are subject to the return policy of the retailer. Compared to most online direct-to-consumer memory foam mattresses, this represents a significant reduction in time to try out the mattress.
  • Mattress specifications are not disclosed: if you are interested in knowing the density of the foam layers used in the Sleep Innovations mattresses, you’re out of luck. The company does not share this information publicly.
  • Memory foam isn’t for everyone: all of the Sleep Innovations mattresses are composed of all-foam with a memory foam comfort layer. While some people love memory foam, it has some features that make it a poor fit for some sleepers.

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Sleep Innovations Mattress Pricing

Pricing for the Sleep Innovations line of mattresses varies significantly based on the model and the size. The table below gives the range of prices for each model.

Mattress Model Price Range
(varies by size, typical range twin to king)
8” Sage $232.74 – $426.81
10” Shea $349.00 – $539.00
10” Marley $267.67 – $503.28
12” Shiloh $287.44 – $663.89
12” Taylor $309.00 – $603.24
12” Skylar $415.22 – $649.99
14” Alden $429.90 – $798.99

It is important to remember that the actual retail price being offered can vary significantly over time. In addition, product availability may vary.

About the Sleep Innovations Mattresses

Sleep Innovations Mattresses Specifications

Sleep Innovations manufacturers 7 different models of memory foam mattresses. Each has a different composition and set of specifications, as described in the table below.

Sleep Innovations does not list detailed information about the full specifications of these mattresses. For example, the company does not disclose the densities of the foams used in the support or comfort layers. This makes it very difficult to gauge the support and durability of the mattress, and it also makes it hard to comparison shop.

Mattress Model Specifications
8” Sage Top: 2” gel-infused memory foam
Bottom: 6” support foam
10” Shea Top: 3” memory foam
Bottom: 7” support foam
10” Marley Top: 2” gel-infused memory foam
Middle: 2” air-channel foam
Bottom: 6” support foam
12” Shiloh Top: 2.5” memory foam
Bottom: 9.5” support foam
12” Taylor Top: 2” gel-infused memory foam
Middle: 2” air-channel foam
Bottom: 8” support foam
12” Skylar Top: 2.5” gel-infused memory foam
Middle: 2.5” air-channel foam
Bottom: 7” support foam
14” Alden Top: 2.5” memory foam
Middle: 2.5” air-channel foam
Bottom: 9” support foam

Many of these mattresses are also advertised with specific features based on their composition. This is a brief overview of some of these that you may find in the product descriptions:

  • Gel memory foam: this foam has small beads infused with gel that are interspersed within the foam. The goal of this is to improve cooling, but reviews are mixed about whether it can achieve that effect.
  • Air-channel foam: small grooves are cut into some of these mattresses support foams in order to try to prevent heat retention and allow airflow for cooling.

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Where It’s Made

Sleep Innovations mattresses are made in the USA.

Buying Logistics

Where to Buy

Sleep Innovations does not offer their mattresses direct to consumers. Instead, their mattresses are widely distributed through many retailers, including many online retailers like Amazon.

Sleep Trial / Refunds

Sleep Innovations does not offer any specific sleep trial. Any returns are subject to the return policy of the retailer from whom you purchase the mattress.


Sleep Innovations mattresses are compressed and delivered to your door in a box. Once the mattress is removed from the box and packaging, it decompresses to reach its full size. This usually happens within a few hours but can take longer depending on the temperature of the room and the mattress.

The cost of delivery may be included in your purchase price, but this depends on the retailer. It is necessary to ask the retailer or to check online to know approximately how long it will take for the mattress to be delivered to your door.


Sleep Innovations mattresses come with a 20-year warranty against manufacture defects. During this period, the company will repair or replace a defective mattress. Full warranty details are not available online but are included with each mattress purchase.

Customer Service

In most cases, Sleep Innovations does not provide direct customer service. Instead, most service needs are handled through the retailer who sells the mattress. As a result, customers should ideally purchase this mattress from a retailer that they are familiar with and that has a good reputation for customer service.

Innocor, Inc., which manufactures foam products including the Sleep Innovations mattresses, has been in business for over 30 years and has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

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Mattress Performance

Overall, the Sleep Innovations line of mattresses offers many options for people who are interested in sleeping on memory foam. While the exact firmness level and performance can vary based on the model, you can expect these mattresses to reflect the typical characteristics of memory foam.


Memory foam mattresses are generally thought of as supportive through their contouring properties. Memory foam changes its shape based on the amount of weight and pressure applied, which allows it to relieve pressure points and hug the body. For many sleepers, this is the exact type of support they want while others find that it can cause spinal misalignment.


There is limited hard data about the Sleep Innovations mattresses, and durability may vary from model to model because of the different quality of materials that are utilized in each. Models that have lower-density support foams are more likely to suffer from long-term durability problems, but unfortunately, Sleep Innovations does not reveal the density of the foams used in these mattresses.


Most memory foam mattresses are not considered to be as firm because of the level of cradling that occurs when weight is applied to the mattress, but it is necessary to keep in mind that this can vary based on the foam density and ILD rating.

For the Sleep Innovations models, all are described as being medium or medium-firm. This typically correlates to 5-7 on the firmness scale.

Motion Transfer

Strong motion isolation is a hallmark of memory foam mattresses. Based on customer reviews and experience with these mattresses and others produced by Innocor, these mattress should be good at preventing motion transfer.


You should expect some level of offgassing from the Sleep Innovations mattresses. Every individual’s perception of the smell is different, but it is common for it to take 24-48 hours before the smell dissipates. For most people, this isn’t a serious problem, but if you are extremely smell-sensitive, you might consider a mattress made with material other than memory foam.

Sleeping Hot

While the cradling effect of memory foam can make these mattresses extremely comfortable, they can also cause people to sleep hot. This is especially the case because memory foam becomes more responsive as its temperature increases, which can increase the amount of sink or hug during sleep.

Most of the Sleep Innovations mattresses include descriptions of foam features about increasing air flow or temperature regulation, but it is hard to truly judge the effectiveness of these design features. Even with these features, some customers find that they still sleep hot on memory foam mattresses like these.


Because memory foam sinks when pressure is applied, it can make moving in bed more difficult and can pose some obstacles to sexual activity. A more firm model or a mattress made of latex or innerspring coils may be a better choice for consumers concerned about finding the optimal mattress for sex.

Mattress Comparison

The table below provides a comparison of some mattresses with similarities to the Sleep Innovations line of mattresses in terms of construction and feel.

Brand Mattress Type Support Layer Comfort Layer Price (Queen) Where to Buy
Sleep Innovations Foam Foam Memory Foam Varies Amazon and many other retailers
Sleep Science Foam Foam Memory Foam Varies Costco (including online)
Purple Foam Foam Hyper-Elastic Polymer $999 Online only
WinkBed Hybrid Pocketed coils Coils + Foam $1,299 Online + 1 showrooms
GhostBed Latex Hybrid Foam Memory Foam + Latex $795 Online only
Leesa Foam Foam Avena Foam $940 Online + 1 showroom

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by: Eric Seger