The Saatva mattress is a best-in-class innerspring mattress with high-quality materials, construction, and reviews.

Some of the key strengths of the Saatva include

  • Multi-layered coils: “coil on coil” construction uses a bottom layer of stainless steel coils and a top layer of individually-wrapped, foam-encased coils and provides strong support and durability.
  • Foam cushioning: the mattress includes targeted foam support to improve performance. This includes foam layers that boost lumbar and edge support.
  • Euro-style pillow top: comfort cushioning contributes to a plusher feel, and this material is sewn underneath the cover to provide a more uniform look.
  • Quality customer experience: Saatva has strong ratings from the Better Business Bureau and has a reputation for excellent customer service.

Potential drawbacks for the Saatva mattress include

  • Sleep trial not fully risk free: if you decide to return your Saatva mattress, the company deducts a $99 return shipping fee from your refund.
  • Limited track record: because Saatva has only been around for 6 years, there is no long-term data about how this mattress performs over its full claimed useful life (15 years).

Saatva 3

Saatva Pricing

Saatva pricing is based on the size of the mattress as described in the table below. All mattresses are available in two heights — 11.5” and 14.5” — and three firmness levels — Luxury Firm, Firm, and Plush Soft — without any price differential.

Mattress Size Standard Price
Twin $599
Twin XL $699
Full $849
Queen $999
King $1,399
California King $1,399


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About the Saatva

Saatva Mattress Specifications

Unlike many companies in the mattress industry, Saatva publishes detailed information about their mattress specifications. The Saatva mattress has 4 levels of construction plus additional edge support foam. The bottom layer of coils is made up of 7” 13 gauge coils. The top layer of coils are 14.5 gauge individually-wrapped and foam-encased coils. The number of coils depends on the mattress size, as documented in the following table:


Above the coils is a soft foam layer underneath a memory foam lumbar pad. The topmost layer is a Euro-style pillow top, which includes additional foam and has a knit cover made with organic cotton. The size and composition of these foam comfort layers varies depending on the model, as described in the table below. The foams used in the Saatva mattresses have an Internal Load Deflection ranging from 18-30 pounds.

Model Foam Layer Pillow Top Layer
Luxury Firm 7/8″ Soft Foam + 3/8″ Memory Foam Lumbar Pad 1.25” Foam + 3/4″ Fiber
Firm 7/8″ Foam Layer and 3/8″ Visco Lumbar Pad 1.5” Firm Foam + 3/4″ Fiber
Plush Soft 5/8″ Soft Foam + 3/8″ Memory Foam Lumbar Pad + 2.5” Convoluted Foam 1.25” Soft Foam + 3/4″ Fiber

For a better look at the composition and layers of the Saatva mattress, you can check out the following image.


Where It’s Made

Saatva’s mattresses are manufactured in the USA, and most of the components are made in the USA as well.

Buying Logistics

Sleep Trial / Refunds

The Saatva comes with a 120 night sleep trial. If you don’t like the mattress, you can return it within those 120 days for a refund of the cost of the mattress. A $99 return transportation fee will be deducted from the refund.


Saatva offers free white glove delivery of this mattress that also includes free haul-away of your old mattress.


After your 120 night sleep trial, the Saatva comes with a 15-year non-prorated warranty. For the first two years of the warranty, Saatva will replace any mattress suffering from defects in workmanship and materials at no charge. For years 3-15, Saatva will repair and re-cover the mattress with a transportation cost of $99 each way. The company also offers a Fairness Replacement Option, under which they will replace the mattress at a percentage of the original purchase price depending on the year of the warranty.

Customer Service

Saatva has a strong reputation for its customer service and for transparency regarding its products and services. Saatva has been in business for 6 years and has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Saatva 1

Mattress Performance

Numerous indicators, including consumer reviews and testing, have highlighted strong performance for the Saatva mattress. We rated it as our Best Innerspring Mattress of 2018, and it could be considered among the best available mattresses in any category.


The Saatva’s coil-on-coil construction with high-quality materials helps to provide for overall support and long-term durability. Individually-wrapped coils inside the mattress help to make the bed responsive and conforming while also providing enough support to prevent sinking into the mattress.


The quality of components in the construction of the mattress should allow for long-term durability; however, because Saatva mattresses have only been on the market since 2011, there is no hard data about how they stand up over time in real-world conditions.


The range of firmness options available allows customers to choose the model that is most likely to meet their needs based on their comfort preferences and sleeping position. Customer reviews of the Saatva generally reflect a high level of satisfaction with the mattress firmness. With the exception of people who prefer extremely soft or extremely firm mattresses, the Saatva’s models can accommodate most sleepers.


Motion Transfer

The pocketed coils of the Saatva help to reduce motion transfer, but some reviews have found it to be lacking in motion isolation. Compared to other direct-to-consumer mattresses that are composed primarily of latex and memory foam, the Saatva is likely to perform worse in this area.


As a result of the type and amount of the foam used in the Saatva and the manufacturing process, it has no issues with offgassing.

Sleeping Hot

The Euro-style pillow top, quilted cover, and lack of deep memory foam layering helps to prevent the mattress from sleeping hot.


The sturdy coil base limits sagging of the mattress, which means that the Saatva should pose no problems when people are sexually active.

Mattress Comparison

The table below provides a comparison of some mattresses with similarities to the Saatva in terms of construction and feel.

Brand Mattress Type Support Layer Comfort Layer Price (Queen) Where to Buy
Saatva Innerspring Hourglass coils Coils + Foam $999 Online only
WinkBed Hybrid Pocketed coils Coils + Foam $1,299 Online + 1 showroom
Sapira Hybrid Pocketed coils Memory Foam $1,475 Online only
Denver Mattress Doctor’s Choice Plush Innerspring Pocketed coils Memory Foam $449 Online + many retail outlets
Charles P. Rogers Powercore Estate 5000 Innerspring Pocketed coils Latex $1,799 Online + 2 showrooms


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by: Eric Seger