The Qomfort mattress is an all-foam mattress comprised of three unique memory foam layers. Each of the 3 foam layers was developed in-house and produced using a proprietary formula. The Qomfort mattress is CertiPUR Certified, which means it’s created without flame retardant chemicals, formaldehyde, and heavy metals, such as lead or mercury.

Some key strengths of the Qomfort mattress include:

  • Competitive pricing: The Qomfort mattress is extremely well priced and highly competitive in the bed-in-a-box industry.

Potential drawbacks of the Qomfort mattress include:

  • 100% memory foam: While memory foam makes for a very soft and motion-absorbing mattress, you’ll need a proper box spring or other supportive frame to prevent sagging.

Qomfort Mattress Pricing

The Qomfort bed comes in only the standard bed sizes – Twin XL and California King sizes are not available. Prices are quite competitive and are detailed in the table below:

Mattress Size Dimensions Price
Twin 39” x 75” x 10” $449
Full 54” x 75” x 10” $599
Queen 60” x 80” x 10” $649
King 76” x 80” x 10” $799


Qomfort is running a $200 promotion with the code LOVESUMMER. You can also find affiliate codes online quite easily.

About the Qomfort Mattress

Qomfort Mattress Specifications

The Qomfort mattress is a 10 inch all foam mattress comprised of three layers, plus a removable cover. The details of each layer are described here:


  1. The cover: Hypo-allergenic and machine washable, and made of 100% polyester.
  2. The top layer: 2 inches of gel-infused open-cell hybrid memory foam, meant to reduce excessive heat and improve circulation while contouring to the body. PCF 3.1
  3. The middle layer: 2 inches of transitional foam, meant to provide pressure relief and transition between the soft top layer and the supportive bottom layer. PCF 1.6
  4. The bottom layer: 6 inches of dense 100% poly foam, meant to provide support and durability. PCF 1.7

The Qomfort mattress is made with low emissions (certified to contain less than 0.5 ppm volatile organic compounds), and without phthalates, formaldehyde, and PBDEs.

Where it’s Made

The Qomfort mattress is made and assembled in China.

Buying Logistics + Where to Buy

The Qomfort mattress can be bought directly from their website, www.qomfortsleep.com, or through Amazon.com.

Sleep Trial + Refunds

When purchased through their website, the Qomfort mattress comes with an 100 night sleep trial. Qomfort also has a hotline (888-326-0706) meant to provide customized support to their customers and solutions to any sleep issues that arise during the 100 night trail. If, during the trial, you decide the Qomfort bed isn’t working for you, Qomfort will refund your money after you donate your used mattress to a local charity or non-profit and send them a photocopy of the donation receipt.

When purchased through Amazon.com, Qomfort mattresses are limited to a 30-night return policy and you’ll need to work directly with Amazon customer support.

Delivery + Shipping Policy

Even though this mattress is made in China, shipping times for the Qomfort mattress are quicker than the average, and most customers should receive their Qomfort bed in 1-4 business days. The size of the shipping box will vary according to what size mattress is ordered, and details can be found in the following table:

Mattress Size Box Dimensions Shipping Weight
Twin 16” x 16” x 41” 39 lbs
Full 16” x 16” x 56” 51 lbs
Queen 16” x 16” x 63” 68 lbs
King 16” x 16” x 79” 86 lbs


The Qomfort mattress will arrived tightly wrapped in 2 layers of plastic wrap. Removing the first layer of plastic wrap will allow the mattress to unroll. Once the mattress is unrolled and flat, the second layer of plastic wrap can be removed. At this point the mattress will begin to expand. Customers report full expansion takes between 10 minutes and 24 hours.


The Qomfort mattress comes with a prorated lifetime warranty that covers physical manufacturing flaws such as foam splitting, or ripping of the seams or zippered cover.

The lifetime warrantee does not cover increases in softness, or damage caused by using the mattress on an adjustable base. This is noteworthy, as the Qomfort advertises their mattress as working well on adjustable frame, like a futon.

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 4.08.29 PM Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 4.09.08 PM

For someone lacking a guest room but still looking to upgrade their guest space, this is a nice perk, but remember that using the Qomfort bed in this way could void your warranty. You can find more details about the Qomfort bed warranty here: https://qomfortsleep.com/pages/warranty.

Additional fees

An additional shipping fee of $200 will apply to any Qomfort mattress shipped to Hawaii or Alaska.

Mattress Performance + Support + Firmness

As the Qomfort bed is made entirely of memory foam, it will make for a soft to medium-soft sleeping experience. The middle and bottom layers of the Qomfort bed have a PCF of less than 1.8, which indicates a lower density poly foam and will translate to a softer and less supportive mattress. The edge support will be similarly lacking. If you plan spend a lot of time sitting on the edge of your bed, this is probably not the mattress for you.

The top 2 inches of the Qomfort bed are gel-infused memory foam. While gel will feel cooler initially, much like an ice-pack, it may heat up with the body over the course of the night, and ultimately hold heat. More reviews for the Qomfort bed are needed to know if consumers are experiencing this effect.

Longevity + Durability

The top layer of the Qomfort bed has a PCF of only 3.1. This low-density foam indicates less durability and support, and a greater likelihood of wear over time.

Motion Transfer

As an all-foam mattress, there should be very little motion transfer with the Qomfort bed.


All foam mattresses will produce some off-gassing in the first few days as they expand and settle into position, and the Qomfort is no different. The smell should dissipate by the time the mattress is fully expanded (around 24 hours).


The Qomfort bed is made of 100% memory foam, which means limited bounce and motion transfer, and a higher degree of body conformation and sink. This will translate to expending a bit more energy during sex. Customers with an eye towards intimacy may find a mattress with a little bounce, such as a latex, innerspring, or hybrid model, more accommodating.

Sleeping Positions

The Qomfort is a softer mattress, and side, back, and stomach sleepers will all experience a high degree of body conformation when sleeping on this bed.

Customer Service

Qomfort Sleep does not yet have a rating from the Better Business Bureau. A call to Qomfort’s customer service line during business hours went unanswered, but a representative did respond to messages sent to Qomfort’s social media accounts.

Mattress Comparison

Brand Mattress Type Support Layer Comfort Layer Price (Queen) Where to Buy
Qomfort Foam Foam Foam $649 Online only
Tempurpedic Foam + coil hybrid Coils Foam $1999 Online & Retail Locations
Leesa Foam Foam Foam $940 Online + NYC showroom
Casper Latex + foam hybrid Foam Foam + latex hybrid $950 Online + West Elm Retail locations
Nuvanna Foam Foam Foam $890 Online only


Additional Resources

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