Choosing a mattress size is personal. Your ideal mattress size depends on your own size, whether or not you share your bed, and how much space you have in your bedroom. The right sized bed means a more comfortable night’s sleep and can even affect your relationship with a partner, so it’s important to consider your needs and choose wisely.

In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the several different mattress sizes available. We share information about mattress size dimensions and who should choose each size of mattress. The guide considers age, height, weight, and possible sleeping partners — including children and pets. You’ll also find recommendations for good places to use each size of mattress, such as twin XLs in dormitories and full sized mattresses in small guest bedrooms.

In addition to mattress size information and recommendations, this guide offers information on mattress types ranging from innerspring and foam to waterbed and futon. You’ll see average prices, construction, longevity, and whether or not a mattress type is good for your weight, size, or sleeping style.

Use this guide to find the right size and type of mattress for your needs and lifestyle. Read on to learn which mattress is best for you.

Mattress Sizes – Compared

Twin Twin XL Full Queen King California King Crib Toddler
Dimensions 39″x75″ 39″x80″ 54″x75″ 60″x80″ 76″x80″ 72″x84″ 27 1/4″x51 5/8″ 27″x52″
Best suited for children, small guest spaces, daybeds, bunk beds tall and thin adults, college student dorms children and teens, single adults, guest rooms couples, tall or large adults couples, large partners, families or individuals with children or pets in the bed couples, tall partners babies, toddlers toddlers with a new toddler bed frame

Twin Mattress Dimensions

Size: 39″x75″
Best suited for: Twin size mattresses are best for a single sleeper either child or adult. This is the smallest size of mattress available for adults. It’s most often used in child bedrooms, but can be used in small guest spaces, daybeds, and bunk beds. Tall or large adults may find this bed to be too small.

Twin XL Mattress Dimensions

Size: 39″x80″
Best suited for: Twin XL mattresses are the same width as twin mattresses, but five inches longer, offering additional length for tall youth or adults. This size of mattress is most often found in college dormitories. Twin XL mattresses are appropriate for children and tall, thin adults.

Full Mattress Dimensions

Size: 54″x75″
Best suited for: Also known as a double, full mattresses are ideal for single sleepers, but are sometimes used for couples. Many families choose full sized mattresses for children and teens. They are also an appropriate choice for single adults who are not very tall. Rarely, adult couples share a full mattress, as a full sized mattress only offers 27 inches of sleep space (the same as a crib mattress) for each adult. It is not recommended for two adults if one or both partners are overweight or tall. Full sized mattresses are popularly used in child and teen bedrooms, single adult bedrooms, hotel rooms, and in small guest rooms.

Queen Mattress Dimensions

Size: 60×80″
Best suited for: Queen sized mattresses are a good size for two adults. Many couples choose a queen sized mattress to save on living space. This size mattress is also a good choice for single tall or large adults, or those who simply want to spread out.

King Mattress Dimensions

Size: 76″x80″
Best suited for: King sized mattresses are the widest size available. They are ideal for couples who want to spread out and have enough living space to accommodate a large bed. They are a good choice for couples with one or more large partner. Couples and even single adults may choose a king sized mattress if children or pets share the bed.

California King Mattress Dimensions

Size: 72″x84″
Best suited for: The California king sized mattress is best for couples with one or more tall partner. This size of mattress is four inches slimmer than a regular king, but is also four inches longer, accommodating sleepers who need more length to feel comfortable.

Crib Mattress Dimensions

Size: 27 1/4″x51 5/8″
Best suited for: Crib mattresses are designed for babies and toddlers. This size is federally regulated to ensure a safe fit in cribs, including a maximum thickness of six inches.

Toddler Mattress Dimensions

Size: 27″x52″
Best suited for: Toddler mattresses are almost identical in size to crib mattresses, but may not conform exactly to the standard size of the toddler mattress, give or take an inch. They differ from crib mattresses in their thickness, which can vary to fit appropriately into toddler bed frames. Many families choose a toddler mattress if their existing crib mattress is needed for a younger sibling. Toddler mattresses are also a good choice if the toddler is moving into a toddler bed that fits best with a thicker or thinner mattress than that of a crib.

by: Eric Seger