When is buying a mattress more than buying a mattress? When you’re also giving back to the community in a meaningful way. Sure, you want a bed that is comfortable and supportive and won’t break the bank. If giving to charity, protecting the earth, and helping the marginalized is important to you, you might want to buy from one of the following mattress companies.


Avocado Green seeks to be a sustainable company on all levels. They strive for environmental sustainability, seeking to find and develop resources that are renewable and recyclable. The company als0 works hard to eliminate pollutants and chemical exposure for their employees as well as their customers.

Avocado Green also works hard to achieve economic sustainability. This means that, while they must make money to survive as a business, they are honest, responsible, and efficient, too.

Finally, Avocado Green wants to be socially sustainable, too. This means that they want to work for justice, peace, and equality throughout the world. Their 1% for the planet program helps them achieve this goal. They give 1% of all corporate revenues back to proven nonprofits that do good work for the environment. Each month features a different nonprofit focused on improving the world for everyone in it.



Luxi also strives to be sustainable but takes a very different approach to achieving that. They were concerned about the number of old mattresses filling up our landfills, so they designed their signature 3-in-1 mattress to be the last mattress you ever need to buy. Its three layers are adjustable, so you can change the firmness of your mattress whenever you need or want to.

They are also willing to work with you so you never have to replace the entire mattress. If the cover sustains a spill, you can get a new one. If you need special support, they’ll help you get the pieces you need to do that, too. To top it off, their mattresses are eco-friendly. If you ever do have to get rid of the mattress or a part of one, at least you know that it won’t sit in the landfill forever.


 Nolah mattress


When you purchase a Nolah mattress, you get to adopt an animal, too. They partner with Defenders of Wildlife, and you can choose any of the animals that the group is currently supporting. When you buy a mattress, you’ll also get a certificate of adoption for the animal you chose.

Defenders of Wildlife uses the money Nolah donates in several ways. They work to support natural habitats, especially where they are disappearing fast. They also make sure that lands and waters are protected and work to support the planet’s biodiversity. If you love animals, Nolah can help you support them while getting the mattress you need.


Leesa Mattress

If you care about a variety of causes, check out all of the ways that Leesa gives back. They start by focusing on local homeless communities. For every ten mattresses that they sell, they give one to a non-profit that supports homeless people. They focus on organizations that help people transition to living better lives. With this program, homeless people in shelters don’t have to sleep on old, dirty, donated mattresses. Instead, they get a new, clean mattress that’s comfortable and feels like home.

Leesa also supports the earth. For every mattress they sell, they see one tree planted. They’ve partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation and, with them, have committed to seeing 1 million trees planted by 2025.

Finally, Leesa’s staff are encouraged to participate in community events. They’re given time off to work at local shelters and help out at food banks, and they support charities nearby. Their commitment to giving back doesn’t just exist at the corporate level, but in the lives of their team members, too.


Layla Mattress

At Layla, they take green manufacturing seriously. They recognized that many of the products that make up traditional mattresses aren’t very green, and aren’t necessarily good for the people sleeping on the beds, either. That’s why they decided to make their beds differently.

Layla mattresses don’t contain any ozone depleters. They also don’t have the flame retardants that have been shown to have negative effects on human health (PBDEs, TDCPP, and TCEP). Even though the mattresses contain copper to make them cooler to sleep on, the beds are made without heavy metals like mercury and lead. Finally, the beds are made without formaldehyde. It may surprise you, but many mattresses have this as an ingredient!

Finally, Layla’s mattresses are regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. This means that they are inspected to make sure they’re safe for people to use. If you want a bed that takes your health seriously, consider Layla.

Layla also manufacturers all of their beds in the United States. This supports local jobs and communities, rather than sending the work overseas.


Novosbed Mattress


Novosbed also works hard to make sure their mattresses are made of safe materials and to keep harmful chemicals out of both the manufacturing process and the final product.

They also have programs in place to keep their beds out of landfills. Since mattresses take up a lot of space and are difficult to break down, they make up a significant chunk of trash. Limiting this is seriously helpful for the planet.

Most companies simply send returned mattresses to take up space in landfills. At Novosbed, they donate these, instead. They have a network around the country of charities, moving companies, and other partners. When a Novosbed gets returned, this network springs into action. Instead of delivering the bed to a landfill, it goes somewhere where it’s needed, so someone without a bed can sleep tight at night. Since 2009, they have given thousands of beds away.


Tuft and Needle

At Tuft & Needle, helping the community is central to their mission. They help schools raise money by holding fundraisers and events. The school gets 25% of every mattress sold during the fundraiser, and Tuft & Needle simply takes less profit on those beds. Their program is stress-free for teachers and parents alike because there’s no going door-to-door, no handing out and bringing back catalogs, and no complicated procedure for dispensing items sold.

They also partner with nonprofits in a couple of ways. Like Novobed, they donate returned mattresses to organizations that will put them to good use. They take care to make sure that the organizations where they donate also line up with their brand’s values. If you like Tuft & Needle, you’re sure to like where they send their beds. They’ll also donate beds for raffles and auctions, further supporting nonprofits.

Finally, they encourage their employees to volunteer locally. They have a company-wide Social Mission Day every year, where employees take on various projects close to home. They also share their company’s culture locally, hoping to improve the lives around them.


Bear Mattress

Bear mattresses partners with Good Sports. That organization works all over the United States to offer sports and physical activity for children. They teach kids to have and enjoy an active lifestyle.

Over the years, Bear has donated more than $20 million. Their donations have gone to more than 3,200 organizations, in every state in the USA. Because of Bear mattresses and the people who purchase them, Good Sports has been able to buy more than $4.1 million in new footwear, apparel, and equipment for kids. They’ve also been able to give more than 1,000 individual donations to groups implementing sports programs for kids. These programs exist in schools, through community organizations, and more. In all, over 4 million children have had an opportunity to get active, all because people bought mattresses. If you want your money to go towards helping children or you love physical activity, look into a mattress from Bear.

If you care about the world around you, you can use your mattress purchase to help out. Choose a company from the list above that reflects your values, or do your own research and find one that’s even better for you than the ones listed here. Sure, you need a mattress that’s supportive and comfortable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help out the world around you at the same time.

by: Sarah Winfrey