Whether you love having house guests or having them around stresses you out, you want them to be comfortable. That can be harder than it sounds when you also use your guest room for something else, when your guests keep a different sleep schedule than you do, or when you have children or animals who make noise at night.

No matter your situation, you can help your guests have a better night’s sleep. Taking just a few simple steps can mean the difference between guests who can’t sleep at all and ones who love to stay at your house and want to come back again and again.

Have a Comfortable Mattress

This might seem easy until you think about it. Finding a mattress that most people will find comfortable, that is supportive no matter your guest’s sleeping position, and that doesn’t break the bank can be hard. However, there are options out there that will work for you.

One idea is to go with a firm, supportive innerspring mattress with an optional foam topper. If your guests like firm beds, remove the topper. If they like soft ones, put it on and they may not even notice how firm the bed is. You could also go with a hybrid mattress option, as these combine the best of innerspring and foam or latex. A medium-firm mattress, no matter the type, is also a good choice for a guest room.



Offer Pillow Options

A person’s favored sleeping position and their own comfort sensibilities usually determine which pillows they find the most comfortable. It’s not hard to have several options for your guests, so they can choose the one that will give them the best night’s sleep. You don’t have to break the bank on these. Usually, you can get good quality pillows online for less than they are in the store, or you can wait for a sale.

Some pillows are designed to work no matter how your sleeper sleeps. These are usually a bit more expensive, but if you want to invest in them for your guest bedroom, you can ensure that your guests will have the neck and head support they need.

Make the Room Inviting

There’s nothing worse than trying to sleep in a room when you feel like you’re not wanted there. Even if your guest room doubles as an office, a craft room, or storage, you can do a few things to let your guests know how happy you are that they’re there. Put a small candle on the bedside table. Make sure there’s a lamp set up so they can read. Offer a selection of blankets so they can choose how warm they want to be.

Get the Temperature Right

Ideal sleeping temperature is around 60-65 degrees, though it can vary depending on the person. Let your guests set their own temperature by letting them know they can open the window, or providing a space heater, a fan, or even a portable air conditioner. This acknowledges that their ideal sleeping temp may be different from yours, and invites them to do what they need to do to sleep well.

Include a Clock

Many people use their phones as alarm clocks, but it’s always nice to be able to wake up in the night and see what time it is without having to check your phone. In fact, many people will sleep easier if they know what time it is, especially in a strange place. Put a digital alarm clock somewhere where they can easily see it from the bed, but where the light from the clock won’t be in their faces while they’re trying to sleep. Make sure the clock isn’t too bright. Red is always a good color for clock numbers, as it doesn’t disrupt night vision.



Keep the House Quiet

When you have pets, children, or noisy neighbors, it can be hard to make your house quiet enough for guests to sleep well. This is particularly true if your guests aren’t used to any of these noises. Do your best by putting your guest room as far away from the main living spaces as possible. You may also want to avoid putting it in the basement, as the sounds of people or animals walking around above can seem amplified when you’re down below.

Offer Sleep Aids

There are all sorts of sleep aids you can offer your guests. They may not use them (and most won’t use them all) but having them says that you care and can help your guests sleep better. Offer earplugs, in case your guests like them or there’s unexpected noise. An eye mask can block ambient light. Essential oils and a diffuser can help set the tone for a restful night.

Let Them Use Ambient Noise

Some people sleep better with white noise or natural sounds. An inexpensive noise machine can let them select the sounds they want so they can sleep well. They may not use it, but they will always be glad that it’s there for them if they need it!

There’s always something you can do to let your house guests know you care about them. Helping them get a good night’s sleep can go far towards showing your love and making them feel welcome, wanted, and desired. If you want your house guests to return again and again, help them rest.