You offered your friend your guest bedroom for a few months while she gets back on her feet, but you never thought she’d take you up on it. Now that she has, you’re in a panic. The mattress in there is hard and half of the springs have sprung. There’s no way she’ll get enough rest to figure her life out sleeping in there. It’s time for a new guest bedroom mattress!

Buying a mattress for a guest bedroom is often easier and less expensive than buying one for yourself. After all, most of us are pretty choosy about where we sleep when we are choosing for ourselves! However, buying a good guest bedroom mattress that will last you for years comes with considerations that you don’t have to make when you’re buying for yourself. If you want to get the best mattress for the best price for your guest bedroom, read on.

Top Guest Bedroom Mattress Picks


Addable Foam Medium
voila Voila Hybrid Soft, Medium, Firm
Lucid Latex Medium-Firm
Saatva Innerspring Soft, Medium, Firm


Guest Bedroom Mattress Considerations

There are a few major considerations that come into play when you’re looking for a guest bedroom mattress.

Sleeping Preferences

When you’re buying a mattress for yourself, or for you and your partner, you have a limited number of comfort preferences to take into account. One of the big considerations when you’re buying a guest bedroom mattress, though, is that you don’t entirely know who will be sleeping there over the years and what their preferences are. Fortunately, there are ways to buy something that will make the majority of your guests very happy.

  • A medium-firm mattress is likely the best option for a guest bed since preferences differ dramatically when it comes to comfort levels. A medium-firm mattress should satisfy the range of guests that will stay with you.
  • Buy a two-sided custom mattress. Several companies, including Luxi and Helix, offer these. You can choose a different level of firmness for each side of the mattress, thus giving more people the chance to feel very comfortable.
  • Buy a firm mattress with a soft topper. You can leave the topper on or take it off based on who is sleeping in the bed.

Bed (and Bedroom!) Size

Guest bedrooms tend to be smaller than other rooms, and they tend to serve more than one purpose. For instance, you may use your guest bedroom as an office most of the time, moving your stuff out for a few days here and there when you have guests. Thus, you’ll want to find a bed size that will work for your guests but won’t get in the way the rest of the time.

Before you buy, make sure that you have all of the furniture in the room that you want to keep there, in the arrangement that works for you. Measure the leftover space and don’t buy a mattress that that’s bigger than your space. Include room for walkways in your measurements.

You may want to move your furniture around until you can make room for at least a double bed. This allows you to accommodate up to two guests and still use your room when it’s not a guest room.


If you don’t want to spend a ton of money on a mattress that won’t get used very often, you’re not alone. Fortunately, there are numerous mattress companies out there who offer affordable options that will still accommodate your guests. Shop around until you find an option that suits both your needs and your wallet.

Before You Buy a Mattress, Think About…



In addition to the above considerations, you will want to think about the following things before you buy a mattress.


You will want a mattress made out of high-quality materials, so you can be sure that it will perform as advertised and last a long time. There are four main types of mattresses that use a variety of materials:

You will want to be sure that you are satisfied with the quality of each component before you make your purchase. Reputable companies should offer you the information you need to make this assessment. They may also have their materials independently certified, for further assurance.

Note, too, that some people have a distinct preference for certain materials. Foam, for instance, tends to sleep hot. If you know that your mom has hot flashes and will sleep in your guest bed at least twice a year, you may want to avoid a foam bed. Similarly, it’s worth asking regular guests if they have a preference when it comes to what their bed is made out of.


The firmness of a bed has to do with how soft it feels. This usually comes down to personal preference, as some people like firm beds and others like to feel as if they are sleeping in a nest of feathers. There are some ways outlined above to deal with different firmness preferences amongst your guests.


The support a bed offers has to do with how well it helps the spine maintain alignment overnight. If a bed’s support is poor, sleepers will feel discomfort or even pain when they wake up.

Different styles of sleepers need beds that offer different levels of support. Back sleepers, for instance, tend to need medium firmness, while side sleepers prefer something slightly softer and stomach sleepers need more firmness.

For a guest bed, it’s best to look for a medium firm mattress. This should offer enough support for everyone and won’t cause major problems for any sleepers who use it for just a few nights.

Free Shipping

Mattresses are huge and you don’t want to have to pay to ship one. Whether you’re ordering online or from a brick-and-mortar store, make sure your new mattress will come to your house for free. Nearly every mattress company offers free shipping these days, so there’s not always a reason to pay for shipping a new mattress. If the one you love doesn’t come with free shipping, there may be another, similar one that does.

Online or In-Store?

Finding value in a guest bedroom mattress is most likely one of your most important considerations. Typically, buying a mattress from a brick and mortar store or showroom carries an additional cost, from paying up for more established brands, to added price for going through third-party sellers.

Even though you might be wary of buying a mattress you haven’t laid down on, buying a mattress online avoids adding to the price tag. With the influx of so many online, direct-to-consumer mattress brands these days, you can avoid the typical markup you’ll find in a mattress store while getting a better quality mattress.

The added benefit of buying online is most direct-to-consumer mattress brands offer a sleep trial, so you need not worry about being stuck with a bed that just doesn’t work.


It’s possible to spend as much or as little on a mattress as you want. While bargain basement prices generally indicate poor quality or low longevity, higher prices don’t always guarantee that you are getting a quality mattress that will be comfortable for your guests.

This doesn’t mean that you have to spend thousands of dollars to get a good, comfortable guest bedroom mattress that will last you for years. It does mean that you will need to do your research on any mattresses you’re considering and compare prices. What you want to look for is a mattress that gives you everything you need for your guest bedroom without breaking the bank (or your budget!).

Solid, Verified Reviews

Before you buy a mattress, look for reviews of it online. Even if you choose to buy directly from a manufacturer, Amazon will often have reviews of the product. Look for reviews that are from verified purchasers. This means that the company has gone through and made sure that the person writing the review actually bought the product they’re reviewing.

Unfortunately, spammy reviews are becoming more and more of a problem. People get hired to leave good reviews, or they agree to leave good reviews in exchange for free product. Sometimes, people even give good reviews on products sold by friends and family members without trying the product first. Looking for verified reviews limits the impact these false reviews can have and helps ensure you’re getting a true buyer’s perspective on a mattress before you buy it.

A Note About Durability

Most of the time, the durability of a mattress is also an important factor when it comes to deciding which one to purchase. However, the longevity of a mattress usually assumes that it will be slept on every night. When it comes to a guest room, this almost never happens. In fact, the mattress won’t be used very much at all, so many of the usual considerations about durability will not be relevant to this purchase.

Instead, it’s more important to focus on getting a mattress that will offer the most people the most comfort for a price you’re willing to pay. Since your guest bedroom mattress will last longer than most mattresses do, anyway, based on how little use it will get, it makes sense to prioritize comfort and price.

Guest Bedroom Mattress Reviews

We have done some of the comparison shopping for you. We’ve taken into account all of the factors mentioned above, and have chosen the following mattresses and the ones most likely to be good in your guest bedroom. Here are our choices, broken up by bed type.


When it comes to the best foam mattress for your guest bedroom, we’ve chosen the Addable bed. You can get a queen size Addable mattress for $500, and it comes shipped to U.S. addresses for free.

Why? This is a very affordable mattress. Others with similar construction cost at least a couple hundred dollars more. In addition, Addable is a straightforward company without a lot of marketing hype. If you’re overwhelmed by the number of foam mattresses on the market, this may come as a relief.

Why not? Addable doesn’t disclose the density of the foam in its beds. Without this knowledge, it’s hard to know how long the mattress will last or whether it’s worth the money.

The Addable Mattress is a sound memory foam mattress at an affordable price.

The Bottom Line There is a bit of risk with the Addable mattress, but for $500 it seems like an acceptable level of risk to take. Since durability isn’t as important in a guest bedroom, this cheap option could last you a long time.

Interested in the Addable mattress?



The Voila mattress is a top choice because they customize firmness level by altering the comfort layer. It has better edge support than most hybrids and runs $1,199 for a Queen. The bed is engineered with gel-infused memory foam and superlative Talalay latex over pocket coils with several layers of support foam depending on your preferred firmness.

Why? With plush, medium, and firm options, you can choose the best bed to impress your guests. The five-zone pocket coil design offers excellent support and the gel cools the memory foam for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Why not? Hybrid beds are costlier than straight foam but the Voila’s materials are a bargain for the price. As a newer company, the track record on durability isn’t established and there’s a 30-night mandatory period on the 100-night sleep trial before you can claim a full refund.


Voila’s customized comfort layers allow a tailored sleep experience.

The Bottom Line If the price tag fits in your budget, the Voila is a standout choice. The Talalay latex and gel-infused memory foam offer exceptional comfort your guests are sure to appreciate. This is an outstanding mattress and a real value for the price point.

Interested in the Voila mattress?



We have chosen the Lucid as our latex pick. You can get a Queen sized bed for $550, which is a steal when it comes to latex.

Why? There simply is not another latex choice in this price range. It’s a simple mattress, with only one layer of each kind of material, so you don’t have to feel overwhelmed when you’re researching it.

Why not? Lucid offers a very short return window, giving you only 30 days to decide whether you want to keep the mattress. Since it is going in a guest room, this may not be as important as it would if you were buying it for your own bed.

The Bottom Line If you want a latex mattress for your guest room, you won’t find a cheaper option out there.

The Lucid latex mattress is one of the most affordable latex beds you can buy.

Interested in a Lucid mattress?



Saatva offers a quality version of the classic innerspring mattress. A Queen is $999 and, in the guest bedroom, this mattress could last you 15 years or more.

Why? Saatva uses top quality, individually wrapped coils and covers them with comfortable foam and euro pillow top, so your guests will always be comfortable. They also have top-level customer service.

Why not? The company charges for shipping. They are also a newer company and, while all indications are that the beds will last as advertised, we won’t know for sure for a few more years.

Though a little more spendy, the Saatva mattress is built to last.

The Bottom Line Based on the quality of materials, it’s likely you won’t find a better innerspring mattress. If you don’t want to think about a guest bedroom mattress again for a long time, go with the Saatva.

Interested in the Saatva mattress?


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by: Sarah Winfrey