Is it time to get a new bed? Buying a new mattress is always exciting, but it can also be nerve-wracking because you want to make a good choice. Whether you’re buying for one person or two, getting a bed you’ll use every night or one for a guest room, you want to buy something that will work for you for a long time. When you’re debating between a Twin and a Full mattress, here’s what you need to know.

The Basic Differences

Both Twin and Full mattresses are 75” long, but the Full is wider, at 54” instead of the Twin’s 39”. This extra width makes the Full perfect for people who want more space to move around, couples who like to sleep close together, or guest rooms that may house either single people or couples.

Twin beds work well for kids and people who need to save space. They fit in even the smallest rooms and they can provide quite a bit of comfort for a low price. Full beds, on the other hand, work well for adults who occasionally share their bed, or for people who want the luxury of a slightly larger bed without the cost or space considerations that come with having a Queen- or a King-sized mattress.

Fun Fact: Both Twin and Full mattresses have an XL, or Extra Long, version, too. These add 5” to the bottom of the bed, for taller sleepers or people who want more space for their feet.

Here are the main differences between the two sizes, so you can consider them as you make your choice:

Twin Full
39”x75” 54”x75”
Very affordable Significantly more expensive than a Twin
Accessories easy to find and inexpensive Accessories easy to find and more expensive


Is a Twin Bed Right for You?



Twin mattresses are most often used by children or by adults who are sharing a bedroom with other adults, where each person wants their own bed. They’re common in shared apartments, dorm rooms, and other shared sleeping spaces. They can also be perfect in a guest room if you know your guests will be single or you need to use the room for something else, too.


  • Twin beds are inexpensive. If you need a quick, easy mattress solution that only needs to sleep one person, you can pick up a twin bed for less than $100. While these cheap beds can be less comfortable, they are better than sleeping on nothing and you can always upgrade later.
  • Twin beds are easy to move. If you know you’re going to be changing locations frequently for a while, a twin mattress is lighter and more portable than a Full. Many adults can move twin beds by themselves, while it usually takes at least two to move a full.


  • Twin beds are small. Sometimes, they seem narrow for one person and they’re definitely too small to fit two comfortably. If you like to stretch out or have the option of having a bed partner, you may need something larger than a twin.
  • Adult accessories can be hard to find. Because children are the most common users of twin beds, many of the accessories available will be geared toward them. While you can certainly find adult-oriented twin accessories, especially online, they may not be as readily available as they are for the full.


Should You Buy a Full Mattress?

Full-sized mattresses are great for couples who like to cuddle at night or those who have to fit their bed into a limited amount of space. They’re also wonderful for single people who want a little more room, or who want to have the option of not sleeping alone. They’re great for guest rooms, too, because they can sleep two people but don’t take up the entire room.


  • Full beds offer more space. No matter your reason for wanting more space, the full bed can provide it without taking over your bedroom. Whether you want to sleep with another person, an animal, or you just want to be able to stretch out, a full bed gives you those extra inches you need to get comfortable.
  • Full beds offer a balance of space and price. While they’re more expensive than twin beds, full mattresses aren’t normally so much more that you can’t consider getting one. If you’re ready for a bit more space but don’t want to take up too much space in your room and don’t want to spend a lot, they’re a perfect solution.


  • Full beds are too narrow for many couples. If you each want some personal space in your bed, you won’t find it in a full. In fact, you’ll each get less space than you would have if you each slept in a twin.
  • Full beds are heavier and harder to move. If you’re looking to relocate, you’ll need some help getting your full bed out of the old place and in to the new one.


In the End…

…buy what’s best for you. Look at your space and measure. Even you’re a single adult, you may want the extra room that the full mattress offers. If you’re buying for a child, though, or you have a serious limit on space, a full might be perfect. Consider carefully, try out some beds, and buy the one that works best for you.


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