When you’re looking for a new mattress, there are so many choices. If you’ve narrowed down your options to a full or a queen-sized bed, you’ve already made quite a few choices. Whether you’re buying for yourself or you’re part of a couple, you want to get a bed that will work for you and that you won’t have to replace early because the size just doesn’t work. Here’s the information you need to know to make a wise, informed choice between the two sizes.

Back to Basics

The major differences between the mattresses come down to size. At 60” wide, the Queen is significantly wider that the Full, which measures 54”. It’s also longer, at 80”, than the Full is (at 74”). This means that the Queen is a popular choice for couples. It’s not that much bigger than the Full, so it fits well in most bedrooms. However, those extra inches can make all the difference when you’re trying to get comfortable.

The Full, on the other hand, is a popular choice for guest rooms. This is especially true when your guest room serves another function as well, If, for instance, your guest room is also your office, you don’t want a bed to take up most of the space. A Full-size mattress can still sleep a couple if it has to, and it leaves you space for the other things you need to fit into the room.

Fun Fact: The Full-size mattress was the most popular for couples for many years. With the advent of larger bedrooms, though, the Queen has now surpassed it and makes up 32% of all mattress purchases.

Here are the major differences between the two sizes, for your consideration as you buy.

Full Queen
54”x74” 60”x80”
An affordable bed More expensive than the full
Accessories easy to find and inexpensive Accessories easy to find and can be more expensive
Easier to move Slightly harder to move


Should You Choose a Full Size Bed?

Full-sized mattresses are great for guest rooms, for couples who like to snuggle close at night, and for single people who have the extra space and want some extra room. They are small enough that they easily fit into most modern bedrooms, and can be made to fit if your house is an older style, too. They can be the perfect balance between sleeping space and affordability.


  • When compared to the Queen, the Full almost always costs less. This means that you can get a great bed for less money, or you can upgrade your bed because the smaller size costs less. This is another reason why the Full is a great choice for guest rooms: you can get a bed that’s more comfortable for the people who visit you for less.
  • A Full mattress is lighter than a Queen. If you move a lot or are in a position where you think you’ll be moving soon and you’ll be doing most of it yourself, a Full bed will be easier for you to move. This also goes for people who like to rearrange their bedrooms frequently. If you want to move your furniture around, it makes sense to have a bed that’s lighter.


  • Many couples can’t sleep comfortably on a Full. For a long time, the Full was the standard mattress for couples simply because other sizes weren’t available or were harder to find. However, as soon as the Queen became easy to get, people started buying it instead, particularly when they were sleeping with a partner. It’s more comfortable to have just a few more inches of space.


Is a Queen Size Bed Right for You?



Queen-sized beds are perfect for couples who don’t fit comfortably into the Full bed. It fits well in most modern bedrooms since it doesn’t take up that much more space than the Full. They’re great for single folks who want even more sleeping space than a Full offers, or for those who want to have the potential of sharing their mattress comfortably with someone else. They can also be great in guest rooms, provided they fit well with the rest of the furniture.


  • A Queen mattress offers more space. For couples sleeping together or people who like to be able to move and stretch a lot when they sleep, a Queen mattress is perfect. It offers the leg room that smaller beds don’t, while still fitting easily into most bedrooms.
  • The Queen offers a good balance between price and space. Yes, you’ll pay more for a Queen mattress than a Full, but most people consider that money to be well spent when they can sleep more comfortably with their partner.


  • A Queen mattress is more expensive than a Full. If saving money is your top priority or you have a relatively small amount of money to spend on a mattress, you won’t be able to get a top-quality Queen bed for the same price as a Full.
  • A Queen bed is heavier than a Full. If you move frequently, you’ll want to take this into consideration when buying.



You need to buy the bed that will work best for you. Consider your comfort and how well it supports you, in addition to the bed’s size. Lay on beds of all different sizes and choose what works well for you and your partner.


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