The eve mattress is an all-foam option launched by a UK-based company in February of 2015.

Some of the key strengths of the eve mattress include:

  • Simple design: the eve mattress is built with three very simple foam layers and does not include a lot of complex or elaborate features. For people looking for a straightforward model, it may offer relief from the many complicated mattress designs in the direct-to-consumer marketplace.
  • Memory foam with more bounce: some people find that traditional memory has too much sink, which can cause them to sleep too hot or to feel stuck in their mattress. The eve mattress uses a modified type of memory foam with more resilience that intends to avoid these issues.

Potential drawbacks for the eve mattress include

  • Mattress specifications are not disclosed: we don’t know the detailed specifications for the eve mattress including the density of the individual foam layers. This takes away from our ability to evaluate this mattress, and we generally can’t recommend a mattress without knowing its specifications.
  • Limited track record: the eve mattress has only been on the market since 2015 and since that point, they’ve also changed the mattress design. As a result, we don’t have enough data to confidently know how well this mattress will perform or how well the company will meet its goals for customer support.

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eve Mattress Pricing

The eve mattress is offered in 6 different sizes. Prices for each size are listed below.

Mattress Size Standard Price
Twin $449
Twin XL $499
Full $549
Queen $649
King $749
California King $749


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About the eve Mattress

eve Mattress Specifications

The eve mattress is constructed in three layers. The top layer is 2” of memory foam. The second layer is 1” of a transition foam, and the bottom layer is 6.5” of support foam.

The company does not disclose details about the density or ILD of these foam layers. Density is important to know because it helps to understand whether the mattress is likely to be durable over many years of use. The ILD is helpful to know because it provides more insight into the firmness of the mattress. Without knowing these specifications, it is difficult to objectively assess the quality of the eve mattress. It also makes it very difficult for customers to be able to comparison shop.

In describing their foams, eve uses terms like “next generation” memory foam. The concept is that their foam design captures the benefits of memory foam (such as its responsiveness and support) without its potential downsides (sinking into the mattress and sleeping hot). However, because any details about the manufacturing process used for this foam is proprietary, there is limited information about how it actually varies from traditional memory foam in its composition.

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Where It’s Made

The eve mattress is manufactured in the USA.

Buying Logistics

Where To Buy

The eve mattress is available online directly from the company and through Amazon.

Sleep Trial / Refunds

The eve mattress comes with a 100 night sleep trial. During this period, if you are unhappy with the mattress, you can contact the company who will arrange to pick up the mattress and provide a full refund.

Please be aware that mattresses purchased through Amazon do not come with the 100 night sleep trial. When purchased from Amazon, only a 30 night trial is available, and all returns must be coordinated through Amazon and not eve.


Delivery of the eve mattress is free in the continental United States, and the company guarantees every order to arrive within 7 business days.

There is no installation or haul-away service offered as part of delivery. Instead, the mattress is compressed within plastic packaging that arrives inside a box on your doorstep. Once you remove the mattress from this packaging, it expands within 4-5 hours to reach its full height and firmness.

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The eve mattress comes with a 10-year warranty. During this time period, the company will repair or replace a mattress with any defects in materials or workmanship. You can read the full warranty terms at

Customer Service

Eve Sleep is new to both the mattress industry and the U.S. market. Because of their short tenure, it is hard to speak confidently about their reputation. As with most direct-to-consumer mattress companies, they work hard to be customer-oriented, and we have limited reports — good or bad — about how well they live up to that reputation. Eve Sleep does not have a rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Mattress Performance

With its own foam design, the eve mattress attempts to provide the benefits of memory foam without its downsides.

It is important to be aware of the fact that eve has changed its design since its initial launch in 2015. This can make it challenging at times to know what to make of some reviews because they may not be applicable to the mattress that is available today. We have worked to apply our review to the most up-to-date offering from Eve Sleep.


The eve mattress is made with a memory foam comfort layer, and this type of foam is well-known for its supportive and responsive performance. Because it compresses proportionally to how weight and pressure is applied, memory foam can provide each part of the body the most appropriate amount of support.

Our primary concern with the comfort layer in the eve mattress is that there is only 3” of combined foam in the comfort and transition layer. This may provide less support for heavier sleepers or people with major pressure points.


The current iteration of the eve mattress has not been on the market long enough to evaluate its durability. We also do not know the density of the foams used in the mattress which is another helpful way to try to assess the durability of a mattress.


The eve mattress is medium firm and is generally falls somewhere around a 6-7 on the typical firmness scale. It is only offered in this one firmness level, so people who prefer a very firm or more plush mattress likely would be dissatisfied with the eve mattress.

Motion Transfer

One of the main benefits of memory foam is its motion isolation. This means that movement on one side or part of the mattress does not disturb someone on the other side of the mattress. The eve mattress is built to have more resilience or bounce than traditional memory foam and as a result, may have slightly more motion transfer. However, this should not be a serious issue for most sleepers.


Because of its foam composition, you can expect some initial offgassing and smell from the eve mattress. This smell is not harmful, though, and should dissipate within a few hours to a few days.

Sleeping Hot

One of the goals of the design of the eve mattress is to prevent sleeping hot. The foam is built with more bounce than traditional memory foam, which helps prevent sinking into the mattress and causing someone to sleep hot.


Because of its added bounce, the eve mattress is unlikely to pose serious obstacles to sexual activity. Customers who want an optimal mattress for sex, though, may prefer a latex mattress or an innerspring model with significant bounce.

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Mattress Comparison

The table below provides a comparison of some mattresses with similarities to the eve mattress in terms of construction and feel.

Brand Mattress Type Support Layer Comfort Layer Price (Queen) Where to Buy
eve Foam Foam Memory Foam $649 Online (direct), Amazon
Lull Foam Foam Memory Foam $850 Online only
Purple Foam Foam Hyper-Elastic Polymer $999 Online only
Casper Foam Foam Memory Foam + Poly foam $950 Online + some retail
GhostBed Latex Hybrid Foam Memory Foam + Latex $795 Online only
Leesa Foam Foam Avena Foam $940 Online only


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by: Eric Seger