Have you heard about Tom Brady’s new pajamas? Made by Under Armour, they are supposed to help him recover faster, while he’s sleeping. This means that the aging QB should be able to run faster, play harder, and get up and do it all again tomorrow.

More interesting than the fact that Tom has new PJs is the technology used to create them. While Under Armour doesn’t give away any trade secrets, industry insiders are pretty sure that his new sleep set relies on celliant fiber to do all that it claims to do. And some companies are putting this technology in mattresses now, too, claiming that it helps you reap the same benefits, just from the mattress instead of pajamas.


Celliant Fiber in a Mattress


What is Celliant Fiber?

Celliant fiber has been around since 2008, when it was used to help horses recover after racing and jumping. Since then, it’s been used in everything from clothing to hospitals to bedding. NASA is even looking into using it to help regulate astronauts’ sleep while they’re in space.

Celliant is the brand name of this fiber, which is made from polyethylene terephthalate. It used to be called holofiber, because it deals with infrared light. They changed the name because people thought it indicated that the fiber had a hollow core, which it does not.

In the process of making this fiber, the manufacturers add tiny, micron-sized optically active quartz, silicon oxide, and titanium oxide to polymers. They form these particles into a type of resin, then weave it into the fabric itself. This means that the technology doesn’t wear out. It’s simply around as long as the fabric is intact.

How Does Celliant Fiber Help You?

The particles that get woven into the fabric cause the fiber to interact with infrared light in unique ways. Infrared light is light that exists just outside of visible light on the spectrum. It has been shown to alleviate hypertension, help repair muscle damage, and promote blood flow.

Celliant fiber basically converts body heat into infrared energy, which it then reflects back to the body. This helps increase blood flow and raise oxygen levels in the skin. This has been shown to help with minor aches and pains. Fabric with Celliant fiber will do this even when it’s not worn right up against your skin. That means that you can wear it as an outer layer or have it in sheets that don’t touch your body directly and still reap its benefits.

Note that this is a huge contrast with normal thermal wear or long underwear. These simply trap heat in next to your body, rather than converting it to a type of energy that is useful for your body.

Celliant Fiber and Sleep



Sleeping in or on Celliant fiber can have the same benefits for you that it has for Tom Brady. Namely, it can help you recover. If you workout hard or do a job that is strenuous, you’re probably no stranger to aches, pains, and sore muscles. Infrared energy can help relieve some of these pains, and even help your body repair anything that’s been damaged.

Since Celliant fiber also boosts your blood circulation, it can help your body regulate its temperature overnight. Most of us experience a small but significant body temperature drop as we head into deeper stages of sleep. Blood circulation is one of the main ways that the body regulates its temperature, so Celliant fibers can help this process, making for better sleep all night long.

The improved oxygenation brought on by Celliant fiber can help athletes or anyone who pushes their body hard. More oxygen in your tissues isn’t a bad thing. It can improve your athletic performance, if you care about that sort of thing.

Some people fear that sleeping on Celliant fibers will actually make them hot. However, since the fibers aren’t designed to hold heat in, they can actually help you get warmer or cooler, as needed. When the blood circulation and oxygenation are up, the body regulates its temperature better all the way around.

All of this may sound like a scam, but Celliant has been run through numerous tests. While it isn’t a magic bullet, it definitely improves the way your body functions in small but significant ways.

What are the Options for Sleeping with Celliant Fiber?

If you’re interested in the benefits that Celliant fiber might have to offer you, there are various ways to sleep with it. We’ve already mentioned the notorious pajamas, which you can buy from Under Armor to try out for yourself. In fact, Under Armour and other companies have whole lines of clothing with the fibers inside, so you can wear it 24/7, if you so desire.

A few companies also offer bedding featuring Celliant fiber. You can get sheets, pillowcases, mattress pads, mattress protectors, and more. These encase you in the fiber and claim to offer many of the same health benefits as wearing it does.

Finally, mattress companies are beginning to add Celliant fiber directly into beds themselves. Many of these are marketed at endurance athletes, but anyone can buy one and reap the benefits of the technology. They are starting to go more mainstream, too, with other mattress companies beginning to utilize the technology, too.

Is Celliant Fiber Right for You?

If you’re buying a new bed, take Celliant fiber into consideration. Unless you have a pressing need for better circulation or oxygenation, it may not be the deciding factor as far as which bed you buy. However, if there’s a bed you like and it comes in a Celliant version, it’s probably worth looking into it further.

If you’re an athlete, you work a strenuous job, or you suffer from aches and pains, it may be worthwhile to see if you can find a bed that’s comfortable, supportive, and contains Celliant fiber. Sleeping on the fibers every night could help give you the edge you need to perform better in your daily life.