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Buying a mattress in a brick and mortar store can be a hassle. Driving to multiple stores, dealing with hovering sales staff, and trying to navigate the often confusing variety of sales, pricing techniques, and ever so slightly differing models often makes the offline purchase of mattresses almost as complicated as buying a car.

Today, mattress shoppers have another option: buying mattresses online. And not just from mattress retailers who sell mattresses the same way brick and mortar stores do, but often straight from the manufacturer.

Direct to consumer online mattress companies like Leesa, Tuft & Needle, and Casper have brought innovation to the mattress industry. Offering simple choices, convenience, straightforward pricing, and often superior customer service and quality, online mattress companies are a refreshing change for shoppers who want a different mattress buying experience.

This guide to buying a mattress online explains everything you need to know about online mattress sales, including pros and cons, the types of mattresses you can find online, and every online mattress company currently selling direct to consumers. You can even find traditional online retailers offering mattresses as well.

Pros and Cons of Buying Mattresses Online

Buying a mattress online comes with distinct advantages and disadvantages. While shopping, price, convenience, and guarantees tend to be better online, there are drawbacks — particularly not being able to test mattresses out before buying. Before you shop for a mattress online, consider these pros and cons.

Pros of Buying a Mattress Online

  • Price: Online mattress companies tend to be significantly cheaper than brick and mortar stores, usually by 25 percent or more. Many online mattress companies specialize in manufacturing top quality mattresses at a fraction of the price. And often, online mattress shoppers get a break on sales tax and free delivery as well.
  • Convenience: Shopping for mattresses online is much easier than going to a store. Online, you’re able to shop when and where it’s convenient for you, not the store. Receiving an online mattress is often a superior experience as well, as customers usually receive an easy to handle box at their door instead of scheduling an intrusive delivery. The boxes are easy to move, which is especially important if you live in a small apartment or have to deal with tight hallways.
  • Free delivery: Nearly every single online mattress company offers free delivery. Some brick and mortar stores do as well, but it’s far more common online.
  • No pressure sales: Mattress sales personnel often rival car salesmen in their reputation for tricks, overselling, and exhausting persistence. Online, you can shop without a hovering salesman harassing you about the deadline for their latest sale.
  • Trial period: With the exception of very few online mattress companies that have showrooms, it’s not possible to try out online mattresses before buying. But many online mattress companies offer a free trial period to allow customers to test out their mattress and make sure it’s the right fit for them. Usually, this trial period is around 100 nights from delivery of the mattress.
  • Free returns: Along with the trial period offered by online mattress companies is usually a free return policy. That means if you decide you don’t like your mattress, you can send it back for free and you don’t have to worry about paying a hefty shipping fee before you get a refund on a mattress you don’t like.

Cons of Buying a Mattress Online

  • Can’t test the mattress: If you’re shopping for a mattress in store, it’s recommended that you lay on a mattress for at least 15 minutes before deciding it’s the one for you. But with online mattress companies, you can’t even look at them, much less touch or lay on them before making a purchase. However, most online mattress companies offer long trial periods and full refunds so you can test them out at home. Some online mattress companies even offer showrooms in limited locations.
  • No help from sales staff: While mattress salesmen can be a drag, they can also be helpful, quickly directing you to mattresses that fit your needs and price range. Online, you’ll lack this personalized help, though some online mattress companies have live chat support.
  • Old mattress removal: When a brick and mortar store delivers a new mattress, it usually includes hauling away your old one. But with most online mattress companies simply delivering their products in a box on the porch, mattress removal is far less common. Though some offer removal service for a nominal fee (usually less than $40), with others, you’re on your own for disposing of your own mattress.

What Types of Mattresses Can You Buy Online?

The options for online mattresses seem endless, with as many or more online than there are available in stores. Online mattress shoppers can choose from a variety of foam, innerspring, even air and waterbed options.

Foam Mattresses

Foam mattresses are popular online, as most online mattress companies offer foam mattresses or hybrids with foam. This type of mattress responds to the body’s heat and pressure and is known for evenly distributing body weight. Foam mattresses typically offer relief for painful pressure points and may offer more support for a restful night’s sleep.

Online Foam Mattress Companies

Innerspring Mattresses

While there are far fewer innerspring mattresses available online, this type of mattress is also an excellent choice. Tried and true, innerspring mattresses remain a popular traditional mattress choice. Many online mattress companies offering innerspring mattresses have hybrid models that strategically incorporate foam, or they have pocketed coils for better quality and support.

Online Innerspring Mattress Companies

Other Mattresses

Still other mattress types are available online, including airbeds and waterbeds. These are less popular, but nonetheless still available online. Air beds are most commonly used for convenient temporary beds, while waterbeds are preferred by some for their gentle, soothing motion.

Online Airbed and Waterbed Stores

Online Mattress Companies

Online mattress shoppers today have seemingly endless options available. Mattresses are sold online at every price point, with varying types, designs, and sales details. Leading online mattress companies include Casper, Saatva, Leesa, and Amerisleep, but there are many more online mattress companies for shoppers to consider. Find convenience, innovative design, and great prices with these online mattress companies.

CasperNovosbedEndyLeesaLullTuft & NeedleAmerisleepGhostbedSaatvaHyphenYogabedDrommabedVoilaPurpleWinkbedsLuxiHelix
Overall Owner Satisfaction
Mattress TypeLatex and foamFoamFoamFoamFoamFoamFoamFoamInnerspringFoamFoamFoam
Foam, pocketed coils hybrid
Polymer and foam
Hybrid with coils
Foam and microcoil hybrid
synthetic latex (1.5 inches)
memory foam (1.5 inches)
support foam (1.5 inches)
base foam (5 inches)
memory foam (4-5 inches)
support foam (6-7 inches)
gel memory foam (2 inches)
transition foam (3 inches)
support foam (5 inches)
low density foam/memory foam (4 inches)
high density foam base (6 inches)
gel memory foam (1.5 inch)
memory foam (1.5 inch)
support foam (7 inches)
proprietary foam (3 inches)
support foam (7 inches)
memory foam (2 inches)
surface modification technology foam (4 inches)
support foam (7 inches)
hyper aerated latex foam (1.5 inches)
gel memory foam (2 inches)
support foam (7.5 inches)
pillow top over coil support
polyurethane foam (2 inches)
transition foam (2 inches)
support foam (6 inches)
poly foam (1 inch)
gel memory foam (2 inches)
support foam (6 inches)
additional support foam (1 inch)
Natural latex foam (1.5 inch)
gel foam (2.5 inches)
poly memory foam core (8 inches)
gel memory foam (1.5 inch)
latex foam (.75 inch)
edge support foam (2.25 inch)
support foam (.25 inch)
pocketed coils (6.25)
edge support foam (6.25 inches)
base foam (1.5 inch)
hyper elastic polymer (2 inches)
polyurethane foam (3.5 inches)
foundational polyurethane foam (4 inches)
pillow top (2 inches)
foam encased coils (2.5 inches)
high profile coils (7.5 inches)
support foam (2 inches)
Latex foam
memory foam
support balancing foam and latex
urethane base foam
latex foam (2 inches)
microcoils (1.5 inch)
polyfoam (2 inches)
support foam (4.5 inches)
Multiple firmness options available
Multiple firmness options available
Multiple firmness options available
Multiple firmness options available
Adjustable firmness
Customized firmness
Warranty10 year limited15 year limited10 year limited10 year limited10 year limited10 year limited20 year limited20 year limited15 years20 year limited10 year limited12 year limited10 year limited10 year limited10 year limited10 years10 year limited
Trial Period100 nights120 nights100 nights100 nights100 nights100 nights100 nights101 nights75 days100 nights365 nights200 nights100 nights100 nights101 nights100 nights100 nights
Free Shippingyes
yes, White Glove Delivery available for $99
No, but delivery includes setup in most areas
Price Range$500-$950$899-$1,299$650-$850$525-$990$550-$900$350-$750$749-$3,398$495-$925$599-$1,299$475-$875$574-$974$549-$949$499-$1,299$699-$1,299$649-$1,548$799-$1,149$600-$995
Promotional Codes/Discounts
$50 off (JMD50)
$100 off (SAVE100)
$50 off (RMN50)
10% military discount with troop ID, $75 off (DREAM75)
Occasional sales direct on the website
None: consistent pricing
$50 off (save50off)
$50 off (RT50)
None: consistent pricing
$50 off (SLEEP50)
$125 off (JULY125)
$76 off (DRMA1776)
10% off (SLEEPOPOLIS10)
10% off (SLEEPOPOLIS10)
$100 off (LuxiSleepSherpa)
$50 off (TKNXZHRTOY)
Major Selling Points
Showroom available, Made in the USA, 100 night trial, Courier return service,
15 year warranty, 120 night trial, perfect firmness guarantee
Showroom available, free returns, 100 night trial, 10 year warranty
100% Made in the USA, 1 donated for every 10 sold, 100 night trial
Made in the USA, 100 night trial
10 year warranty, 100 night trial
100 night trial, Eco friendly, Returns donated to charity
20 year warranty, 101 night trial
Multiple firmness options, delivery with setup, no sales tax collected
100 night trial, 20 year warranty, Made in the USA
Made in the USA, machine washable cover
Made in the USA, 12 year warranty, 200 night trial
10 year warranty, 120 night trial
No waste production, Made in the USA
101 night trial, free returns, Made in the USA
100 night sleep trial, 10 year warranty, 1,000 night sleep satisfaction guarantee
100 night trial, made to order, showroom available
Showrooms in NYC and LA
Showroom in Toronto
Showrooms in Phoenix and San Francisco
Showroom in Scottsdale
Showroom in NYC