After many years as a traditional mattress company, Brooklyn Bedding shifted its focus a few years ago to producing and distributing a high-quality latex-based mattress at affordable prices. The name of their popular mattress model is the #BestMattressEver.

Some of the key strengths of the #BestMattressEver include

  • Two types of latex: latex mattresses can have different characteristics depending on the type of latex that is used. Brooklyn Bedding uses both Talalay and Dunlop latex, which offers a unique feel.
  • Excellent value: the #BestMattressEver is extremely affordable, and given the amount of latex in its materials, this price represents a very solid value.
  • Long sleep trial: if you’re unsure about whether a latex mattress is right for you, the company provides a 101 night sleep trial during which you can return the mattress for a full refund and with no additional fees.

Potential drawbacks for this mattress include

  • Weak edge support: while latex can offer excellent bounce, it does not always provide strong edge support. Many customer reviews have identified this as a potential issue with the #BestMattressEver.
  • Shorter warranty than some competitors: many of the top companies offering direct-to-consumer mattresses online offer warranties for 15 or 20 years, but Brooklyn Bedding’s warranty lasts for 10 years. As always, though, it’s important to read the fine print for any warranty go best understand what is and is not covered.



Brooklyn Bedding Pricing

Brooklyn Bedding’s #BestMattressEver comes in three firmness levels. All the firmness levels are the same price, which varies based on the mattress size as described in the table below.

Mattress Size Standard Price
Twin $450
Twin XL $475
Full $650
Full XL $700
Queen or Queen Short $750
King $900
California King $900

About the Brooklyn Bedding Mattress


Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Specifications

Unlike many companies in the mattress industry, Brooklyn Bedding publishes detailed information about their mattress specifications. The #BestMattressEver has three foam layers. The bottom layer is made up of 6” of 2 pounds per cubic foot (PCF) density Poly Foam. The middle layer is 2” of latex made with the Dunlop process, and the top layer is 2” of Talalay latex. In general, Talalay latex has a softer feel while Dunlop latex has a firmer feel.



Where It’s Made

Brooklyn Bedding manufactures all of their mattresses in the USA in a factory that they own in Arizona.


Buying Logistics


Sleep Trial / Refunds

The #BestMattressEver comes with a 120 night sleep trial. During the sleep trial, you can return the mattress and receive a full refund ; however, the company requires that you keep the mattress for two weeks prior to this. Returns are handled via local donation, and some states may require a small fee for mattress donation.

Exchanges based on size or firmness level can be made for a $99 fee.

Brooklyn Bedding also sells this mattress through Amazon, and mattresses purchased through that site may only qualify for a 30 day trial.


Shipping is free within the continental U.S., and mattresses usually arrive within 1-5 business days. Expedited two-day shipping is available for a $75 surcharge.

The mattress is compressed and is delivered inside plastic wrap inside the box. When the mattress is removed from the box and the plastic, it should decompress within a few minutes.

Delivery does not include any setup, and Brooklyn Bedding does not offer haul-away services for your old mattress.



Brooklyn Bedding offers a 10-year warranty. If there is a defect during this warranty period, the company will replace or repair the mattress. You can read the details of the warranty policy at https://www.brooklynbedding.com/warranty/.

Customer Service

Brooklyn Bedding has a solid reputation for customer service. The company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

The company was initially founded in 1995 as R&S Mattress and rebranded as Brooklyn Bedding in 2000. While the company began shipping compressed mattresses in 2009, it fully committed to this approach with a major factory development project that was completed in 2015.

It should also be noted that the company recently merged with Nest Bedding, which reflects their continued growth and commitment to the direct-to-consumer online mattress market.

Mattress performance

The #BestMattressEver has been recognized as one of the top values among foam mattresses. With its combination of latex types and with 4 total inches of latex in its comfort layers, Brooklyn Bedding offers considerable bang for your buck. Customer reviews of this mattress have affirmed its qualities, and this mattress is strongly worth considering for sleepers interested in a latex hybrid mattress.



Latex offers considerable bounce, and this immediate responsiveness feels extremely supportive for many sleepers. However, this also reduces the amount of contouring that you are likely to experience. For most customers, the Brooklyn Bedding mattress strikes the right balance of contour and bounce, but the lack of edge support and reduced contouring is not the right fit for all sleepers.


Given the track record of Brooklyn Bedding in the mattress industry and the composition of the materials in this mattress, there is strong reason to believe that the #BestMattressEver will age well over many years. However, as with most online mattresses that are relatively new to the market, there is no hard evidence of its performance over the long term.


Brooklyn Bedding offers three different firmness levels:

  • Soft: 4 out of 10 on the firmness scale
  • Medium: 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale
  • Firm: 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale

Most customers find that these firmness ratings align well with their perceptions of the mattress. Keep in mind, though, that the performance and feel of latex will feel similar in terms of bounce and springing back. Which firmness level is most appropriate depends on your own preferences and your sleeping position.

Motion Transfer

While not as adept at motion isolation as most pure memory foam mattresses, the responsiveness of latex does reduce most motion transfer. Most customers do not report dissatisfaction with the motion isolation properties of the #BestMattressEver.


Very few VOCs are formed as part of the latex mattress manufacturing process, and as a result, there is very little offgassing or smell from this mattress. You may notice some initial latex smell right after unboxing, but this should dissipate quickly.

Sleeping Hot

Because there is less sink and contouring with latex, very few customers report any problems with sleeping hot on the Brooklyn Bedding mattress. It is important to be aware that this may be a larger potential issue with the soft version of this mattress compared to the firmer models.


Because of the bounciness of its latex layers, the #BestMattressEver should not create any obstacles for sexual activity.

Mattress Comparison

The table below provides a comparison of some mattresses with similarities to the Brooklyn Bedding mattress in terms of construction and feel.

Brand Mattress Type Support Layer Comfort Layer Price (Queen) Where to Buy
Brooklyn Bedding Latex Hybrid Foam 2 Latex Layers $750 Online + some showrooms
Casper Latex Hybrid Foam Memory Foam + Latex $950 Online + some retail
GhostBed Latex Hybrid Foam Memory Foam + Latex $795 Online only
Leesa Foam Foam Avena Foam $940 Online only
Saatva Innerspring Hourglass coils Coils + Foam $999 Online only


Additional Resources

You can read more about Brooklyn Bedding’s recent merger with Nest Bedding as well as their buildout of their mattress factory in the following links.