Brentwood Home manufactures and sells a range of different mattress types and has a long history in the mattress industry. The Ojai mattress is a hybrid offering that uses several types of foam — including polyfoam, memory foam, and latex — above a core of innerspring coils.

Some of the key strengths of the Brentwood Home Ojai mattress include:

  • Combines multiple foam materials: the comfort layer of the Ojai mattress is actually made up of 3 different foam layers. By using several types of foam, the Ojai can give a more customized feel that isn’t too soft, too bouncy, or too inclined to making you feel stuck in the mattress.
  • Competitive price for hybrid: despite its hybrid design and use of several types of foam, the Ojai mattress can still be purchased for a reasonable price that is comparable to or less than many hybrids.

Potential drawbacks for the Brentwood Home Ojai mattresses include:

  • Thin individual foam layers: while the total comfort layer measures 4”, each individual layer is only 1.5”. Layers of this thickness may provide less support, especially for sleepers who weigh more than 230 pounds and who may put more pressure on the topmost layers.

We also have a review for the Brentwood Home Oceano and Cedar mattresses if you’d like to learn more about their other offerings.



Brentwood Home Ojai Mattress Pricing

This mattress is available in 7 different sizes. Pricing for each size can be found in the table below.

Mattress Size Standard Price
Twin $795
Twin XL $849
Full $995
Queen $1,195
King $1,495
California King $1,495
Split King $1,595

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About the Brentwood Home Ojai Mattress

Brentwood Home Ojai Mattress Specifications

The Brentwood Home Ojai mattress is built using multiple different layers as listed below.

Top: Tencel knit cover
Second: New Zealand wool
Third: 1.5” Flo Foam (polyfoam) with density of 4 PCF / ILD 12
Fourth: 1.5” gel-infused memory foam with density of 4 PCF / ILD 10
Fifth: 1” Dunlop latex with density of 4 PCF
Sixth: 8” individually-wrapped coils (756-1544 coils depending on mattress size)



Where It’s Made

Brentwood Home mattresses are made in the USA.


Buying Logistics

Where to Buy

The Ojai mattress from Brentwood Home is only available through the company’s website.

Sleep Trial / Refunds

The Ojai mattress comes with a 120 night sleep trial. Brentwood Home requires that you try the mattress out for 30 days before initiating a return. However, if you want to return the mattress within nights 30-120, the company will pick up the mattress from your home, and you will receive a full refund.


Shipping is included with the purchase of the Ojai mattress. It usually takes 5-10 working days for the mattress to arrive.

Standard shipping only includes delivery of the mattress to your front door. The mattress comes inside plastic packaging that is placed inside a large cardboard box. When the mattress is taken out of the packaging, it decompresses and grows to reach its full size.

White glove delivery, which includes haul-away of an old mattress and setup of the new one, is available for an extra charge. Price may vary by location, so check with Brentwood Home for a price quote.


This mattress comes with a 25-year limited warranty from Brentwood Home. During the first 10 years, the company will repair or replace a mattress that is defective. In years 10 through 25, the company will replace the mattress but at a prorated cost. In both cases, shipping charges are the customer’s responsibility. You can read the full warranty details at

Customer Service

Brentwood Home has been selling mattresses for over 30 years, starting with brick-and-mortar stores in Los Angeles and then with an online business in 2012. They have a B- rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Overall their reputation for customer service is average to above average.


Brentwood Home Ojai


Mattress Performance

The Ojai mattress combines a number of different types of materials to provide a blend of comfort, support, and resilience. Thus far, it has received quality reviews from customers when it comes to their overall satisfaction with this model.


Each component of the Ojai mattress works to help provide the kind of support that the body needs to stay in alignment. Pocketed innerspring coils have more ability to act independently of each other to respond to the pressure of the body. Additionally, each foam layer offers a degree of contouring, but by using a mixture of foams, it helps to provide a middle ground between contouring, sink, and bounce. All of these work together to help provide a very supportive sleeping surface.


The Ojai mattress has not been on the market long enough to have hard data about its durability over many years, but based on the composition of the materials (such as the density of the foams used and the coil count for the innerspring layer), we expect that this mattress should have no problem providing 6-8 or more years of solid performance.


This mattress is a 5 on the typical firmness scale of 1-10, which makes it squarely “medium” when it comes to firmness.

Motion Transfer

With the contouring and softness offered by the comfort layers in this mattress, most motion on the bed is effectively isolated, which works to limit disruption to one person by the movement of another person on the bed.


Given that it has several inches of foam as well as latex, customers should anticipate some smell at the outset after this mattress is first removed from its packaging. Any smell that you detect, though, is not harmful, though, and will fade away within a few hours to a few days as long as the room is well-ventilated.

Sleeping Hot

The use of latex and the more resilient Flo Foam can both help to prevent the excessive sinking into the mattress that can be a cause of sleeping hot. Wool in the top also helps with temperature control and moisture wicking. So while this won’t be the coolest mattress on the market, most customers won’t have issues with it sleeping hot.


This mattress is roughly average when it comes to intimacy and sex. It is not excessively bouncy or soft, which means it does not facilitate or inhibit motion on top of the bed.


Mattress Comparison

The table below provides a comparison of some mattresses with similarities to the Brentwood Home Ojai mattress in terms of construction and feel.

Brand Mattress Type Support Layer Comfort Layer Price (Queen) Where to Buy
Brentwood Home Ojai Hybrid Pocketed coils Polyfoam + Memory foam + Latex $1,195 Online (direct)
Brentwood Home Cedar Hybrid Pocketed coils Fiber + Latex $1,949 Online (direct)
Bear Hybrid Hybrid Pocketed micro-coils Memory Foam + Polyfoam $1,350 Online (direct)
Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid Pocketed coils Memory Foam + Foam $990 Online (direct)
Nest Alexander Signature Hybrid Hybrid Pocketed coils Memory Foam $1,199 Online + some showrooms
WinkBed Hybrid Pocketed coils Coils + Foam $1,299 Online + 1 showroom


Interested in the Brentwood Home Ojai mattress?

by: Eric Seger