You’ve decided to buy a new mattress, and you want the best of the best. In the luxury mattress market, you can find all types of robust materials and advanced features. This guide can help you work through your options to find a luxury mattress that is truly worthy of that title.

We’ll cover the types of mattresses available, the important factors to consider before shopping, the key features to look for, and of course, our top choices. Keep scrolling to get all the details or click here to jump straight to our recommendations for the best luxury mattresses of 2018.

What Is a Luxury Mattress?

There is no standard definition for a luxury mattress, but there are a few ways elements that give some contours to this category. The first is price. Given that most mattresses, especially mattresses sold online, are available for under $2,000, we think most mattresses over $2,000 in a queen size can be considered luxury mattresses.

The second element is mattress design. Luxury mattresses typically involve more expensive materials, complicated construction, and/or specialty features.

Types of Mattresses

In general, most mattresses can be broken down into one of a few categories. While we provide a quick review of these in this section, you can find more more detail in our Buyer’s Guide.


This type of mattress uses varying types of foams stacked on top of one another. How the foam is produced and layered can dramatically influence the way that this type of mattress feels. The types of foam that you’ll usually see used in mattresses is polyfoam and memory foam. Most customers who opt for this type of mattress do so because of its ability to compress proportionally to how and where a sleeper applies pressure.


Conventional mattress design used a series of coils to provide support to the body. This type of mattress is known as an innerspring mattress, and while new mattress types have come to market, these are still widely-used. The springs provide a resilient base for the sleeper, and often the springs have a softer material on top of them, such as quilted cotton or foam, that can make the bed feel more plush.


When a mattress uses several types of materials, we call it a hybrid. Specifically, a hybrid is a mattress that uses innerspring coils as its base support system with a thicker top layer (usually 2” or more) of foam or latex. The exact feel of a hybrid mattress is highly dependent on the specific way that its internal layers are composed.


Latex, a type of rubber, is used in a wide range of consumer products. A latex mattress is built entirely with this material. It may also be referred to as an all-latex or true-latex mattress. Latex bounces back to its original shape quickly when pressure is removed from it, so it usually has a more spring-like feel than most foams. Because of the production costs, especially for natural latex mattresses, these are usually among the more expensive mattress types.


These mattresses use a support system made up of an air chamber that can be inflated or deflated based on the sleeper’s preference. For mattresses in the luxury category, this process of inflation and deflation occurs using an electronic pump that is integrated into the mattress.

Shopping Considerations

If you’re going to spend big on a new mattress, you want to be sure that you’ve considered all the important factors — such as the ones outlined in the list below — that may influence your purchase.

  • Is Buying Online A Good Choice? Historically, mattresses were purchased in department stores or in dedicated brick-and-mortar mattress shops. Now, though, choices for online mattress shopping are abundant, and more and more customers are using the internet to purchase a mattress. With distinct pros and cons, buying online may not be for everyone, but it works for a huge number of people. Learn more about this in a resource on our site, How to Buy A Mattress Online.
  • Do You Need a Full Bedroom Makeover? Maybe your mattress is the only thing that needs replaced, but it’s also possible that you could benefit from sprucing up your bedding or the furniture throughout your bedroom. And if you buy a mattress that is a different size or height from your old one, you may have to buy new sheets. Remember, too, that your pillow plays a role in your spinal alignment, so you’ll want to be confident that the pillow you use on your new mattress is promoting good spinal positioning. As you settle on a mattress budget, it’s important to consider any of these ancillary products that you may also want to purchase.
  • What’s the Right-Sized Bed? Some people place a huge value on a big bed that allows them to sprawl out. Other people want a smaller, cozier bed, or need a mattress with a more limited profile to fit in a smaller bedroom. Before you start trying to search for the best value, you’ll want to know what size bed you really need. As you think about this, you can ask yourself whether you will be sleeping in this bed with someone else, whether you need a bed that is extra long, and whether your room can accommodate a larger-sized mattress. Once you’ve figured this out, you can delve more deeply into the specific models on the market and how much they cost in the size that you are looking for.
  • Do You Share Your Mattress? As you’re doing mattress research, you might start to focus on what you’d like most in a mattress. But your preferences aren’t the only ones to take into account if you have a partner with whom you’ll be normally sharing the mattress. Unless you’re sleeping solo, it’s essential to talk with your partner about their priorities in a bed including how firm they want the mattress to be. For additional guidance about finding and buying a mattress in this context, read through our guide, the Best Mattresses for Couples.
  • Feel of the Mattress: given the amount of time that you spend on your mattress, it’s important that it be comfortable. But comfort is subjective as some sleepers look for a plush, pillowy feel while others need something much firmer and with less give. If you’re not sure of your exact preference or if you’re somewhere in between, remember that most people sleep best on a medium-firm mattress (5-7 on the typical firmness scale). As you are shopping and reading through reviews, you can take note of mattresses that are only offered in one firmness choice and those that give you multiple options to select.
  • Overheating at Night: an issue that affects many sleepers is sleeping hot, which can be a barrier to falling asleep and staying asleep. While some people may chalk this issue up to their natural body temperature or to the temperature of the bedroom, it is also directly affected by the mattress they are sleeping on. Some mattress materials can reduce airflow and can retain heat. The most notorious of these is memory foam, but this isn’t an issue that affects all sleepers or all memory foam mattresses. The key takeaway is that as you plan your mattress purchase, you’ll want to think about if sleeping hot is an issue for you, and then choose a mattress accordingly. To learn more about this, you can review our resource, the Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers.
  • Effect on Sex: the choice of a mattress can have a direct impact on your sex life. A mattress that is too plush may inhibit movement, including sex, and a mattress that is too firm may not be comfortable during sexual activity. The properties of the mattress materials can influence how well a mattress is at facilitating sexual activity. As a general principle, customers who put a high priority on having a top mattress for sex should seek out mattresses with a lot of bounce or resilience. We make some specific recommendations and provide considerably more background about this topic in this guide: the Best Mattresses for Sex.
  • Extra features: if you’re choosing to invest more in your mattress, you may be looking for certain special features or materials. As one example, you could be looking for a mattress with sleep tracking technology to help you monitor your sleep habits. Another example would be specialty materials built or woven into the mattress layering or in the cover. As you research different choices, make note of any particular design elements that are a priority for you.

Features to Look For

Choosing the best luxury mattress means not sacrificing on important features that will help make sure that you have the best possible experience with your mattress. In this section, we’ll describe some of the main things that you’ll want to be on the lookout for as you consider how to get the highest level of satisfaction out of your mattress purchase.

Quality of the Components

The best indicators of how well a mattress is likely to perform over time is the quality of the materials that are used to make it. When considering a luxury mattress, you shouldn’t have to make any compromises on materials. As you shop, you’ll come across a lot of fancy lingo for mattress features. Sometimes, though, this is just a way of papering over a mattress built with iffy materials. When looking at the materials, here are some questions to think through:

  • Are full specifications available? Does the company provide details about the thickness of every layer of the mattress? For any foam layers, is the density and/or ILD of the foam posted publicly for all to see? The more ambiguous the specifications, the more worried you should be that perhaps the company didn’t invest in the best materials
  • Is there a weak link? Even if a mattress has great materials in the comfort layer, it can still break down if weaker materials were used elsewhere in the mattress. Considre all the mattress layers when evaluating the quality of the components.
  • Is the comfort layer thick enough? When the comfort layer is very thin, it can put more pressure on the supporting layers of the mattress. This can ultimately cause a more rapid deterioration of the mattress and hurt its long-term performance and durability. We recommend looking for a comfort layer that is 2″ thick at a minimum. People who weigh over 230 pounds or who have major pressure points should prioritize an even thicker comfort layer.


If you’re putting a significant amount of money into your mattress, you want to make sure that it lasts. One of the best ways to do this is by focusing on the materials and build of the mattress. The reputation of the company and the reported experiences of other customers can also help. With some newer mattresses, there may not be enough data from long-term use, in which case, you want to make sure that you know about the company making the mattress and trust that they only used materials that are likely to stand the test of time.

White glove delivery

Most luxury mattresses come with white glove delivery. This means that the company actually comes to your home and installs the mattress in the room of your choice. Often, this also includes haul-away of your old mattress. If your preferred mattress seller does not offer this directly, you can ask for their help in finding a local provider who can set your mattress up for you.

Free and No-Hassle Returns

Many people get concerned about buying a mattress online because they don’t have an opportunity to scope the mattress out in a store. Thankfully, most direct-to-consumer mattress companies offer an extended sleep trial that allows you to try the mattress out in your own home for several months. If you realize during the sleep trial that the mattress isn’t right for you, you can return it at no charge and with no hassle from the company. Whenever possible, we suggest choosing a mattress that has this type of sleep trial and return policy to help protect your investment in case you find that the mattress just isn’t the right fit.

Real Reviews

There are enough quality mattress options out there that you shouldn’t settle for a mattress with reviews that are lukewarm or that come from questionable sources. Instead, place an emphasis on reviews that are from verified customers and product evaluators. We’ve gone through this process already and tried to boil down the key information for you, and that’s what you’ll find our our mattress reviews.

Reputable seller

Before you put thousands of dollars toward a luxury mattress, you want to be confident that your money is going to a company with a good reputation. This can give you peace of mind that the mattress seller is reliable and upholds a high standard of customer service.

Our Choices


Tempur-Pedic makes our choices for the top luxury foam mattresses on the market. All of these mattresses use Tempur-Pedic’s memory foams. The TEMPUR-Cloud models have a more plush feel, the TEMPUR-Flex models have more bounce, and the TEMPUR-Contour models offer a firmer feel. All of the TEMPUR-Breeze models are built with materials designed to prevent sleeping hot.

Why? Tempur-Pedic has an extensive track record in the mattress industry and has led the way with many innovations in mattress foams. All of their models include their TEMPUR foam but in different configurations that allow you to find the right design and feel for you.

Why Not? Tempur-Pedic does not disclose the specifications of their mattresses as they classify this information as proprietary. This makes it harder for us to do a detailed analysis of each individual model.

The Bottom Line: The strength of Tempur-Pedic’s long history of selling top-notch mattresses more than makes up for the fact that the company does not publicly share their mattress specifications. For shoppers who want the highest quality memory foam with the best track record, Tempur-Pedic is the choice.

Foam – Latex Hybrid

The Reverie hybrid mattresses are our top choice for the best luxury foam-latex options. The three options are the Reverie Dream Supreme I Hybrid, Dream Supreme II Hybrid, and Dream Supreme 8X Hybrid. The difference between the three is in the specific composition of the comfort layers.

Why? Reverie has been getting rave reviews for its innovation in mattress design that uses a support system of latex shaped into coils. These coils can be rearranged to modify the feel of the mattress after it is purchased. In these foam-latex hybrids, memory foam and latex are used in a comfort layer on top of these foam coils.

Why Not? Reverie’s mattresses are still new to the market, which means that we lack data about their long-term performance or durability. In addition, Reverie does not offer a sleep trial or accept returns.

The Bottom Line: Reverie’s mattresses represent an exciting new concept in mattress design that have the potential to offer an unparalleled level of customization, support, and comfort.


We do not have a strong recommendation for a top luxury innerspring mattress. We have found few innerspring models that gain significantly in terms of performance at a luxury price point. Instead, as more materials are layered on an innerspring, it falls into what we would categorize as a hybrid mattress.

Our top choice for an innerspring mattress is the Saatva, which is available at much lower price than the other mattresses in this guide.

Why? The Saatva is built with excellent components, including multi-layered coils. The company also has a reputation for a high level of customer service.

Why Not? Saatva does not offer a full refund if you return the mattress as they subtract $99 from the refund for return shipping costs.

The Bottom Line: With two layers of quality coils, the Saatva offers an excellent combination of performance and comfort.


IntelliBED offers our choices for the top luxury hybrids, and the company offers 3 different models — the GelElite, Posture Perfect, and Relief Perfect — that are distinguished by their transition layers.

Why? Each intelliBED model has a comfort layer made with the company’s proprietary Gel Matrix foam, a type of material known as a buckling column gel. This material is molded into squares that compress and rapidly respond as pressure is applied and removed. Each mattress also has a foam or latex transition layer above 6” of innerspring coils.

Why Not? The company does not provide much information regarding the specifications of the mattress materials as this is classified as proprietary information. In addition, the return policy is restrictive and requires the purchase of a mattress protector.

The Bottom Line: The combination of materials in the intelliBED models captures the benefits of the feel of an innerspring mattress along with a highly-responsive and supportive comfort layer.


Our top choice for luxury latex mattresses are any of the offerings from Essentia — either the more standard Essentia latex mattresses or the newer Essentia natural memory foam mattresses, which use latex formulated to have a feel more like traditional memory foam.

Why? Essentia produces its latex according to the most well-regarded industry standards in terms of environmental sustainability. They then employ this latex in both straightforward and more creative layering options to offer numerous firmness choices.

Why Not? Not every consumer values the extra cost that comes with the organic latex production process. Additionally, Essentia has a more limited sleep trial that does not include an ability to get a full refund.

The Bottom Line: Essentia offers an impressive range of options, including its “natural memory foam,” that are a luxury option both for their performance and for their adherence to high environmental standards.


Another excellent option for a luxury latex mattress is the Reverie Dream Supreme I Natural or Dream Supreme II Natural.

Why? As mentioned above, Reverie has been generating a lot of buzz with its latex-coil support system. In these models, additional latex is layered above these coils to provide further comfort and support. The latex coils in the support layer can be rearranged in thousands of configurations, allowing the feel of the mattress to be customized for each sleeper.

Why Not? Reverie’s mattress are still new to the market, which means that we lack data about their long-term performance or durability. In addition, Reverie does not offer a sleep trial or accept returns.

The Bottom Line: Reverie’s mattresses represent an exciting new concept in mattress design that have the potential to offer an unparalleled level of customization, support, and comfort.


Quality airbeds are not available at most price points, but they become an option for shoppers looking in the luxury mattress category. For the top luxury airbed, we recommend the airbeds from Sleep Number.

Why? Sleep Number is the clear-cut leader in airbeds that offer the ability for each side of the bed to be adjusted to a different firmness feel. Sleep Number has several different product lines, each of which includes this technology while supplementing it with additional features.

Why Not? The company does not disclose the details or specifications of the foam layers that are used on top of the dual-air chambers. They also do not offer a completely risk-free return policy.

The Bottom Line: For customers looking for a mattress with a strong track record that can be adjusted in real-time to meet your comfort preference, there is no better option than the Sleep Number beds.

Additional Resources

If you find that the luxury mattresses listed in this guide are a bit more expensive than you’d hoped, we encourage you to check out our guides for mattresses available at lower price points:

by: Sarah Winfrey