Ameena has been in the mattress industry since 2000 but only more recently began selling this current foam mattress.

Some of the key strengths of the Ameena mattress include:

  • Giving back with each mattress sold: Ameena has a strong orientation toward giving back, which is demonstrated through their Ameena Dream Movement. As part of this, the company donates one mattress for every single mattress that is sold.

Potential drawbacks for the Ameena mattress include:

  • Limited track record: the Ameena mattress has not been on the market long enough to amass enough verified customer reviews or independent evaluations to allow us to confidently assess its performance or durability.
  • Mattress specifications undisclosed: Ameena does not disclose the details about their mattress, such as the density of the three foams that are used in its design, on their website. Without this information, it is extremely difficult to know how likely this mattress is to stand the test of time or to know how it compares to other mattresses on the market.


Ameena Mattress Pricing

The Ameena is offered in 6 different sizes. Prices for each size are listed below.

Mattress Size Standard Price
Twin $450
Twin XL $550
Full $650
Queen $800
King $900
California King $900


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About the Ameena Mattress


Ameena Mattress Specifications

The Ameena mattress is built with three foam layers. The top layer is 2” of Energex foam, which is a latex-like foam. The second layer is 2” of gel-infused memory foam. The bottom layer is 6” of support foam.

Ameena does not publish the density or other specifications for these foam layers. The company lists this as proprietary information, and as such, we are unable to state definitively the density or ILD of these foams. This can make it harder to comparison shop or to truly understand the composition of the mattress.

Where It’s Made

The Ameena mattress is manufactured in the USA.


Buying Logistics

Where to Buy

The Ameena mattress is available through the company’s website and through Amazon.

Sleep Trial / Refunds

The Ameena mattress comes with a 120 night sleep trial. During this time, you can return the mattress if you are dissatisfied with it for any reason. If you decide to return the mattress, the company will pick it up from your home and will issue a full refund. In addition, should you return your mattress, Ameena will offer a $100 coupon to their sister site, which is another online mattress store.

Be aware that terms of the sleep trial and returns may be different for mattresses purchased through a third party like Amazon. It is important to check with Amazon and/or Ameena to confirm these terms if you decide to buy from Amazon.


Free shipping is included for the Ameena mattress within the continental United States. The mattress is normally delivered within 5-8 business days after an order is placed.

This mattress is delivered as a bed-in-a-box. This means that the mattress is compressed, vacuum-sealed in plastic, and then placed in a box and shipped to your front door. Once you remove the mattress from the plastic, it expands to reach its full size within 24 hours. It is ready to sleep on within 1 hour after unboxing.

Delivery does not include any setup, installation, or haul-away of your old mattress.



The Ameena mattress comes with a 15-year warranty. The warranty covers any defects that may arise in materials or workmanship. For full warranty details you can visit

Customer Service

We do not have enough information from customer reports regarding the customer service level for Ameena. While the company has been in business for many years, they have only recently begun direct-to-consumer mattress sales, and more data is needed before we can evaluate their customer service reputation in that area. The company does not have a rating from the Better Business Bureau.


Mattress Performance

We do not have enough data to be able to confidently assess the overall performance of the Ameena mattress. We also lack details about the internal components of the mattress. Both of these factors limit our ability to know whether the Ameena mattress will be sufficiently supportive and reliable.


The Ameena mattress relies on Energex foam as its topmost comfort layer. This type of foam has some properties of memory foam and some properties of latex. It tends to be less contouring than traditional memory foam but with more bounce yet not quite as much bounce as an all-latex mattress. Underneath the Energex layer is memory foam. With 4” of these materials, it can be expected that most sleepers will find these to provide a significant amount of support. That said, we lack data from verified customers to confirm how these materials are performing in real environments.


We usually base our comments about durability on two factors — data from customer review and information about the internal composition of the mattress. For the Ameena, we lack information on both counts. Without a long history on the market, we do not have any way of knowing whether this mattress will stay durable over many years of being used every night. In addition, because the company does not disclose the density of the foams that they use, we cannot evaluate how likely these foams are to hold up.


The Ameena is only offered in one firmness level, which falls at a 6-7 on the typical firmness scale.

Motion Transfer

Because the comfort layers of the Ameena include memory foam and Energex foam, which has elements similar to memory foam, we expect that most sleepers will not have any significant challenges when it comes to motion isolation on this mattress.


Virtually every foam mattress has an odor once it is removed from the packaging. This offgassing does not pose any harm, and it usually dissipates within a few hours or at most a few days.

Sleeping Hot

Though this mattress has memory foam — known by many customers for heat retention — in its comfort layer, it also includes another foam type above the memory foam. This Energex foam layer is more resilient, which means that it helps to resist the extreme contouring and sinking into the mattress that can plague memory foam. Because of this, we do not anticipate sleeping hot to be a major issue for the Ameena mattress.


The increased bounce that comes from the Energex top layer is likely to permit enough motion on top of the mattress so that there are no barriers to an active sex life on this mattress.


Mattress Comparison

The table below provides a comparison of some mattresses with similarities to the Ameena mattress in terms of construction and feel.

Brand Mattress Type Support Layer Comfort Layer Price (Queen) Where to Buy
Ameena Foam Foam Energex + Memory Foam $800 Online (direct), Amazon
Novosbed Foam Foam Memory Foam $1,099 Online (direct), Amazon
Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Cloud Foam Memory Foam Varies Online (direct), many retailers
4Sleep  Foam  Foam Memory Foam $899 Online (direct), Amazon
Sleep Science Foam Foam Memory Foam Varies Costco (including online)
Leesa Foam Foam Avena Foam $940 Online + 1 showroom


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by: Eric Seger