Everybody sleeps…but some people love it more than others. If you have someone in your life who adores sleep, who sleeps a lot, or who is obsessed with sleep because they’re not getting any, one of these stocking stuffers might be right up their alley.

Beddit Sleep Monitor

Source: Beddit.com

Beddit is a cool sleep monitor that you don’t have to wear. Just slide the provided pad under your sheets, set up the app, and go to bed. The monitor will track your heart rate, your respiration rate, and more. From there, it will determine what stage of sleep you’re at and how long you stay there. You’ll get a sleep score, which takes all factors into account to determine how well you’re sleeping. If you’re buying for a data nerd, this is just about perfect.

Fitbit Charge 2

Source: Fitbit.com

The Fitbit Charge 2 is an awesome wristband activity tracker that also gives data on sleep. It uses its onboard heart rate and motion sensors to determine when you’ve gone to bed (so you don’t have to tell it). Then, it continues monitoring and gives you a summary of how long you’ve slept, how long you spent in different stages of sleep, and more. You can even set a sleep goal and it will tell you how often you’re hitting it.

Motion Activated Night Light

Source: Mylight.me

Affix Mylight.me’s bedlight under your bed, place the motion sensor, and you have the perfect night light. The soft light will turn on whenever you move, so you’ll have plenty of illumination for those midnight bathroom runs. Because the light is soft and comes from under the bed, though, you don’t have to worry about it waking up your partner or making your eyes struggle to adjust to a harsh, bright light.

Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier

Source: Boneco

Most of the time, you want cool mist in the bedroom to help calm dust and allergens and help keep nasal passages moist. Some sleepers, though, prefer warm air and it can be beneficial for folks with certain conditions. Make everyone happy with this top-selling humidifier from Boneco that does both. This unit also features a digital screen, automatic shut-off when the tank is empty, and nearly silent operation.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Source: UrPower

If your sleeper struggles to sleep, an essential oil diffuser could help them get more rest. All they need to do is add water and a few drops of an essential oil that helps sleep, like lavender, and turn it on. The diffuser will slowly release the oil into the room and the scent will lull them to sleep. This diffuser, from UrPower, will run for 10 hours before it needs more water. It can also serve as a nightlight, turns itself off when it runs out of water, and needs cleaning once a week.

A Humidifier/Diffuser Combo

Source: Victsing

If you’re considering a humidifier or a diffuser, why not buy a unit that does both? VicTsing’s essential oil diffuser and humidifier looks like wood on the outside and can be used with or without essential oils. It is super quiet, has a large capacity, and produces more mist than a diffuser would on its own. It has a light with color adjustment and four timer options. It also turns itself off when it runs out of water.

Stay In Place Knee Pillow

Source: Hammacher

If your sleeper is a side sleeper who suffers from back, knee, or hip pain, this pillow may help them feel better. When the knees rest against each other, it can pull awkwardly on the body, causing pain and discomfort. This pillow fits between the knees to help the sleeper realign their spine. It’s comfortable and easy to use, so it won’t interfere with sleep.

Counting Sheep Coffee

Source: Amazon

Is your sleeper also a coffee lover? Look no further than Counting Sheep’s 40 Winks decaffeinated coffee with added valerian root. The coffee tastes like…well…coffee, and the valerian root functions as a natural sleep aid. If someone needs help falling to sleep, they may as well get that help in a form that they love, right?

Celebrate sleep this holiday season with one of these fun, helpful, sleep-themed gifts. The sleepers (and non-sleepers!) in your life will thank you.

by: Sarah Winfrey