Mattresses by Type

Some sleepers prefer the bounciness of a traditional innerspring, while others appreciate the body-cradling comfort of latex and memory foam mattresses. Our comprehensive mattress review guides will help you explore different mattress types and decide which one is right for you.


Sleep Positions

Whether you sleep on your back, stomach or side, choosing the right mattress is crucial for getting the nighttime support and comfort you need. Learn about the best mattresses for different sleep positions in our detailed tutorials, as well as pillows and other helpful accessories.


Mattress Information

How do I properly clean my mattress, and when should I rotate it? Is there a way to tell how firm a mattress when shopping online? How long will my mattress warranty last, and what will it cover? We’ll answer these questions (and more) in these detailed step-by-step guides.


Sleep Guides

Everyone sleeps differently, and the way we sleep may depend on factors like size, age, gender and occupation. Our dedicated sleep guides explore common sleep issues and concerns for children and teenagers, college students, and people living with disabilities or sleep disorders.


Ranking Mattresses

What makes one mattress better than the other? We’ve ranked different mattresses based on criteria like online availability and consumer convenience, materials and construction, firmness, price and customer reviews. Learn more about our process here.